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Equip is where we start our Theology Track. Equip will help you to develop your understanding of the Bible by exploring the people, books and themes inside so you can piece the big picture together. Come and be excited by what the Bible has to teach us.

Equip is a two-year programme delivered in evenings over six terms each lasting eight weeks. The Bible is pretty big, isn't it! We'd love for you to join us for the entire journey, but you don't have to: if you prefer you can "hop on" and "hop off", joining in for a term or more as it works for you. For those who complete an entire year or both, we have partnered with Moorlands College to issue you with a certificate to recognise your hard work.

Termly Content

More detail on the module content is available here.

Equip is designed for any adult - it's not a formal qualification, and there aren't any assignments to complete. It works if you have an initial grasp of the Bible story already. Don’t worry if that’s not you yet, we have the perfect Growth Track step to help, "The Bible Course". This will give you all the introduction and background you need. You can delay joining Equip until you've done it, or if you're really keen, do the two courses at the same time for a term until you're caught up! It's equally good for those who want to continue to dig deeper into the Bible and put it at the centre of your life.

You will journey with others in a small group setting for this learning, incorporating worship, teaching, discussions and prayer into your experience. So we'll not only discover God's story, we'll make friends along the way, too.

There's a termly cost involved. It's much lower than the academic options we offer, but we do collect a sign-up fee to contribute to materials, course development & coordination and refreshments. If the cost would be a barrier to you, please get in touch as we do want anyone to be able to come. The cost for the coming term is always shown on the Sign-Up links on this page or on our What’s On calendar, where we’ll also tell you which of the modules we’re covering next. Do have a look and we hope to see you soon!

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