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YOUTH - Blackwater Valley


Youth on Friday runs in a three week model. Regional nights, out nights, and k crew nights.

Regional nights

Regional nights are a large gathering of teenagers across all of our sites, all in one location. We gather all of our sites together once every three weeks in our Bracknell location. These nights are filled with madness, from partying together, to games, to worshipping and a preaching. Fridays are more than just connecting with each other, they are also about connecting with God. The purpose of these nights is to bring people to Jesus by changing their perceptive of church. 

OUT Nights 

Out nights are site based nights, happening across all of our sites all at once. Whether you are in Bracknell, Blackwater Valley or Windsor, there will be something for you to get stuck into on your site! Typically these nights will be ‘out’, meaning we will meet in a public location like the Astro, a trampoline park, the cinema, or even Nando’s! These nights we try to keep as low cost as possible, but if money is a problem or would stop your teenager from coming, please contact us. 

K Crews 

Our K Crews are small groups, run in year groups for your teenager to get stuck into! We meet in homes across all of our sites, meaning you will be in a K Crew in your site! To get stuck into one, contact the youth lead on your site, and ask to be part of a K Crew! They will give you all the up to date information. 


Join us at Unleashed on Sunday mornings during church! Unleashed is our Sunday youth that runs across all of our sites on a Sunday morning. After worship, follow the signs and leaders to a different location, where we begin our youth service. its filled with connecting with each other and hearing a youth preach or taking part in Youth Alpha. Open for years 7-9. If you are year 10 and above, contact us about being an Unleashed Leader!

Stay up to date! 

Stay up to date by connecting with our social media, check out our Instagram and Facebook.

All of the activities we run are supported by a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy.

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