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Raise a Hallelujah

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Raise a Hallelujah (6 Episodes)
23 Jun 2019 - 14 Jul 2019

Find out what worship is; why God is worthy of our worship; why we do what we do on Sundays and much more..

23rd June 2013 | Simon Benham and Amanda Wolfram | 33mins 15secs

Family [Part 2]: Family

Family Portrait | Part 2 |

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Amanda shares her inspiring family experience with a word of hope. In as much as we have God, there is hope for every situation. Psalm 68 tells us that God puts the lonely in families. God is a perfect Father, but often our earthly families and church family are much more messy. In conversation with Amanda Wolfram, we take a look at how God wonderfully works through all that messiness.

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