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19th October 2014 | Andy Partington | 38mins 27secs


Pure | Part 5 | 1 Peter (2:9-12)

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Andy Partington preaches from 1 Peter 2:9-12 on how we can do life and mission "spider style" and briefly share about novo, a new initiatives to establish transformational communities in developing nations - places where hurting and broken please can receive freedom and new life in Christ. To find out more about Novo, take a look at the film on

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7th April 2013 | Andy Partington | 37mins 15secs

The Power Paradox

Luke (5:1-11)

So often we just feel like we do not have what it takes - to be at peace, to beat temptation, to fulfil our potential and make an impact for God. Jesus used an extraordinary fishing trip to teach His disciples that this is true (we really do not have what it takes), but that He does! When we accept and embrace our powerlessness, we give God the access He needs to work in and through us, by His Holy Spirit, to do amazing things!

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