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Breaking Free of the Chains
Fri 25 November 2016 | Liam Parker | 23:01
Liam Parker, LIFE Pastor, brings the truth of Jesus setting us free from the chains that trap us in life. Chains of guilt, posessions, jealousy and many other things consume us and trap us leading to lives being waster. Only Jesus offers a life of freedom.
God's Open House
Fri 30 September 2016 | Dan McNab | 22:36
Dan McNab, leader of Kerith LIFE talks about the God's Open House invitation for everyone. 
Receiving God's Power
Fri 1 July 2016 | Liam Parker | 25:35
Liam speaks on the power that we receive by following Jesus. Not a made up power like X-Ray vision but power that can transform the world around you.
Staying constant with God
Fri 24 June 2016 | Charlotte Groom | 22:16

Charlotte looks at Caleb, a man from the Bible. Caleb was a man mentioned in the Bible, he has an incredible trust in God. He nevers speaks personally to God but Caleb is rewarded through his faith by god allowing him to enter a land of security and provision. Charlotte also looks at Caleb mentioned in Detoronomy and again Moses is punishing a group of people but Caleb is spoken of and spared any punishment. 

Who are you running for?
Fri 17 June 2016 | Dan McNab | 26:45
Dan McNab, Pastor of LIFE looks at the race that we are running in our lives and the number one killer of our dreams… Comparison. Dan looks at the truth of Gods Word and speaks on the truth of looking at God and do not looking at others and comparing ourselves to them. God made each of us to be special and unique and we just need to focus on our race and not other people.
Where are we looking in our lives?
Fri 10 June 2016 | Emily O'Neil | 36:04
Emily O’Neil looks at the importance in our lives on where we are choosing to look in our lives. We can choose many places to focus on. Looking down will fill you with negativity, looking side to side to try and feel better and receive something. We need to look to up! Look to the heavens, the stars and see the magnificence of God. The same God that knows the billions of stars knows you and wants to know you every day.
The Challenge of Real Commitment
Fri 27 May 2016 | Liam Parker | 37:38

Liam looks at the internal desire for adventure in our lives. Whether it is travel, new experiences – we all want to do something bigger and more challenging than where we are right now. But is it the same when we have to look to serve. It’s a challenge to commit to something – in the good, bad and ugly times. That determination and that commitment needs to be consistent. The calling that Jesus sets on to our lives is the most challenging calling but it is the most worthy and fulfilling journey. If you rely though on the affirmation of others you will falter and go off course. Have strength and have the desire to stay focused on the challenge and journey that God has for you. It is about building a culture – a culture of welcome, of openness, of serving others.

Focus on the Now
Fri 13 May 2016 | Alice Benham | 15:17
Alice Benham part of the LIFE Team talks about a lady in the Bible called Martha. A person who was humble and near to Jesus, but she was also distracted. She was so caught up in trying to get everything perfect to be close to Jesus that she missed him. Sometimes we can lean on something but it can become a crutch that takes hold more than the original problem. Rather than aiming towards this goal or that goal just focus on God. Martha felt that she had to prepare before Jesus would visit.. the reality is that Jesus is already with us waiting for us just to open the door.
Being a Product of your Environment
Fri 6 May 2016 | Mike Nicholls | 19:13
Guest Speaker Mike Nicholls, Youth and Young adults Pastor for Ealham Church, Northampton speaks on how we are products of our environment. We all have a plan and purpose for our lives. You may not be up on a stage or on the front cover of glossy magazines but you can have a world beating life and purpose if you protect yourself and wrap yourself close to Jesus.
The Freedom Choice
Fri 29 April 2016 | Sam Phillips | 16:00
Sam from the Kerith Life team speaks on the subject of Freedom. Each of us are here for a reason, we are here to live in true freedom but many of us misunderstand what that freedom is to live under. Ben speaks about the freedom of living under the grace of Christ and not the freedom of celebrity and modern culture. Freedom is Family, Peace and becoming who you have been designed to be.
Letting go of the old and bringing in the new
Fri 22 April 2016 | Liam Parker | 16:03
Liam speaks on the need to let go of old things when we live with God in our lives. We live a new life but we wear the old hurt and negativity of the past. Liam speaks on the love of Jesus and how he wants us to live free of past hurt and live user his grace.
Our Generous life giving God
Fri 15 April 2016 | Max Ranger | 10:00

Listen to Max Ranger from the Kerith LIFE team speak about Jesus healing a man who has leprosy. Max speaks about our generous God who wants to bless us anytime, anywhere and whoever we are.

The True Gospel Message
Fri 25 March 2016 | Liam Parker | 24:49

Liam speaks about his life and the effect of conforming to pressure. How and why  sin leaks in to our lives through the smallest gaps. What are we going to do with our sin? Focus on the truth, the Word of God and the Cross, the true Gospel of grace and restoration in our lives.

God our Great, Good, Good Father
Fri 4 March 2016 | Simon Benham | 19:30
Simon Benham, Pastor of Kerith Community Church speaks about the life of his own father and his own life and experience as being a dad himself. Simon delivers a simple but powerful message that you can know God as a Good, Good Perfect Father. No matter what your experience of father's is, God can be your perfect Father.
Liam's Old Skool Dating Rules
Fri 12 February 2016 | Liam Parker | 16:05
Liam looks back at what dating rules were like in recent history and relates them to life today. What can we learn form the past and what have we lost that could bring new life in to our relationships.
Spoken LIFE
Fri 5 February 2016 | Georgia Christie and Harriot | 20:41
Spoken LIFE is when members of our LIFE family get to stand up and speak and tell us what they think and understand of Gods Word. This week there are two speakers. Georgia Christie - Speaks about how we should move on from past mistakes and tough times. God forgives always, he moves on and wants us to move on. Harriot - Looks at the good Samaritan and how how used his good heart and the simplicity of being Jesus to people we meet
Putting your Life on Solid Foundations
Fri 29 January 2016 | Max Ranger | 09:07
Max Ranger speaks on how where we build our lives. Do we build our lives (our personality, dreams, wants, desires, character..) on the forever strength of Gods love and Word or the electronic ever changing rules of the world and celebrity. We have to make a decision! On something that is Forever or the everchanging media & celebrity.
Dont Hold Back
Fri 8 January 2016 | Liam Parker | 22:47

Liam Parker kicks off 2016 by speaking on the theme of Not Holding Back. Too much and too often people are held back in their lives and what is possible is never realised. Liam looks at the life of Jesus with the story (parable) of the gifts (talents). Liam looks at the lost opportunity of when we do nothing and applies that to our lives. So seize the day, seize the moment – grasp hold of the opportunity to live with Jesus in your life today not tomorrow or the next day. God has given you a gift of greatness to use in your life – just connect to him and find out what that gift is. BTW Life Reunion 2033 in CentreParcs… more details to follow! Just ask Liam for more details.

Christmas at Liam's house
Fri 11 December 2015 | Liam Parker | 20:01
Liam Parker speaks about what it is like to have Christmas with his family. We all have our own individual family traditions. Liam looks at the Top 10 traditions that being part of the Kerith LIFE Family will give to you for the rest of your life.
Upgrade from a Good to Great Life
Fri 4 December 2015 | Liam Parker | 20:48

Liam talks about a guy called Cornelius in the Italian regiment of the Roman army. Cornelius transforms his life when he truely believes in God. We might have heard lots of good things about Jesus but the life you are living right now might seem pretty good and there is no impact in your world. Cornelius was in this place. It is easy for us to be in this place but Jesus has a life changing path for your life. Liam talks about how you can receive the REAL good things that God has for you in your life. 

Spoken LIFE and the Fear of Failure
Fri 27 November 2015 | Max Ranger | 33:19
In this special SPOKEN LIFE week we first listen to Spoken Word delivered by Jack Ranger, Charlotte Groom, Lewis Cole, Matt Meow, Harriet Ward. Max Ranger from the Kerith LIFE team then looks at the fear of failure and how the fear of failing and not meeting the expectation of others can be crippling to our lives.
God Your Father
Fri 20 November 2015 | Liam Parker | 15:45
Liam Parker speaks for a second week about God, the role and the example he provides of being a father to us. God is always present, always loving, always full of grace for us and always wanting to be in relationship with us.
The Lost Son and Loving Father
Fri 13 November 2015 | Dan McNab | 18:40
Dan, leader of LIFE looks at a story in the bible of a son who becomes lost to the world and bad things, eventually he makes his way back to his dad. God is our father and is waiting for us all the time to come back to him no matter how far away and how distant we may feel. Whatever we have done he will shout for joy when we turn around.
A Man called Lazarus
Fri 16 October 2015 | Pastor Colin | 37:15
Pastor Colin - A guest speaker and frind of Liam Parker, leader of LIFE, speaks on John 11 : the story of a man called Lazarus. God performs an amazing miracle on this mans life and Colin looks at what it can mean to us.
Will you catch the ball
Fri 2 October 2015 | Westy | 22:10
Guest Speaker Westy talks on Matthew and looks at the teaching and miracles of Jesus. Jesus was telling things that were in direct contradiction to the world then and especially now. But Jesus message was so compelling and truth filled that people followed him. He teaches his disciples how to fulfil people and bring people in to a relationship with God.
What do you want in your life?
Fri 25 September 2015 | Liam Parker | 16:38
Liam Parker speaks on what people want their lives to be about? What do you want your life to say about you?
Being Persistant in Faith
Fri 18 September 2015 | Olu Osinoiki | 17:27

Olu talks on the vital importance of being persistant in our faith. It can seem the impossible dream but they key is to let the Holy Spirit help you with persistence. It is so important to genuinely praise God, being persistant in our praise to God as well as our journey with God in our lives.
Colossians 3 v1-2
James 1 v12
Matthew 22 v7

LIFE : Past, Present and Future
Fri 11 September 2015 | Liam Parker | 30:00

Liam Parker starts by interviewing two of the original LIFE team. Natalie Jones was part of LIFE right at the beginning. Natalie talks about the beginning of LIFE and where God is looking to take her now. Second Liam interviews Lee Leyton Matthews who ran Youth Ministry at Kerith before Liam. Lee speaks about LIFE and his passion to see each member of the LIFE family know God and have a personal relationship with him. 


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