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The Unexpected (Part 1)
Wed 11 July 2018 | Ben Davies | 37:19
Ben gives the first of 2 talks on Moses based on Exodus 3:1-12. This week he starts with Moses' background of being hidden in bullrushes, discovered by Pharoah's daughter, brought up as an Egyptian but eventually discovering that he is a Hebrew, killing an Egyptian and, for fear of his life, running away to Midian where he stays for 40 years.

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Into Eating Together
Wed 4 July 2018 | Ben Davies | 19:34
Continuing the Into series, Ben gives a short talk on Acts 2:46 on the subject Into Eating Together.
Rather than the usual format of everyone eating whenever they arrive before the meeting starts, this was a special occasion where the attendees all ate together as part of the meeting as an opportunity to spend time with each other.

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Moses A Dubious Candidate
Wed 20 June 2018 | Ben Davies | 37:52
After hearing Chris Barber talk about her upcoming trip with TearFund to India, Ben decides to change his talk. He reads Exodus 3:1-12 where we see God intervenes in Moses' life when he wasn't expecting it. Like Moses, we need to respond to God when the unexpected happens.
Into Radical Generosity
Wed 6 June 2018 | Ben Davies | 36:17
Ben continues the Into Series and speaks from Acts 2:44-45 about the early church meeting the needs of others. He quotes various other bible passages and encourages us to be into radical generosity as individuals not just as part of a church.

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Into Praying
Wed 23 May 2018 | Ben Davies | 41:10
Ben continues the Into series speaking on the subject Into Praying. He asks "What type of praying did the early Christians do?" and gives us 8 examples of how they prayed. Then he asked how we can describe this kind of praying and gives 4 answers - that it was need related, faith based, specific and persistent.

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Into All The World
Wed 16 May 2018 | Esther Ross-Watson | 32:13
Our guest speaker today is Esther Ross-Watson, who with her husband Michael were missionaries in Indonesia for many years. She continues our Into series by speaking about Into All The World and recounts her early years as God prepared her to go as a missionary to Medura in Indonesia.

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Into Fellowship
Wed 9 May 2018 | Ben Davies | 34:13
Continuing his new series, Into, Ben looks at Acts 2 verse 42 and talks about the believers being Into Fellowship. He states that fellowship is a supernatural working of the grace of God in our lives, an expression of the Holy Spirit in us. He brings 5 words where the bible uses the word Koinonia to express Fellowship, and encourages us to see if we fit into it.

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Into Baptism
Wed 2 May 2018 | Maurice Robinson | 39:26
Our guest speaker today is Maurice Robinson, who used to be one of our elders. He continues the new Into series by speaking from Acts 2:40-41a on the subject "Into Baptism". Maurice explains in detail about believers baptism by total immersion in water, and describes his own experience of realising that he needed to be baptised. He states that baptism is a physical event with a spiritual effect.

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Into God's Word
Wed 25 April 2018 | Ben Davies | 36:11
Continuing his new series, Into, Ben looks at Acts 2 verse 42 and talks about the believers being Into God's Word. He expands on the role of apostles but says that we should judge everything that they say.

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Into Growth
Wed 18 April 2018 | Ben Davies | 37:12
Ben starts a new series called "Into", based on Acts 2:41-47.
This week he looks at verse 41, "Three thousand were added to their number", and talks about us working and praying towards growth at Encounter, believing for people will be saved. Then he provides 5 Applications.

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Easter Guest Service 2018
Wed 28 March 2018 | Ben Davies | 26:19
At the Encounter Easter Guest Service Ben looks at 3 phrases linked to the Easter Story

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The Solution For Sin
Wed 21 March 2018 | Ben Davies | 41:55
Following on from last week's talk on sin, Ben gives us 8 things that God has done for us as the solution for sin.

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Wed 14 March 2018 | Ben Davies | 38:35

Using various bible passages Ben identifies 5 points about sin and 2 consequences. Then he talks about 5 words that sin has a link to.
Next week he will talk about the cure for sin.

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Life Is About Relationships
Wed 7 March 2018 | Ben Davies | 39:25
Ben concludes his series on Titus 2. Firstly he states that all of the previous talks have been about relationships and gives us 5 points. Then he looks at verses 9-15, which are about other types of relationships.

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Encourage The Young Men
Wed 28 February 2018 | Ben Davies | 36:42
Ben continues his series on Titus 2, looking at verses 5-8 he speaks about Encouragement. He makes 3 points: Speak your exhortation, Set your example and Show your evidence.

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Speaking Into Other People's Lives
Wed 21 February 2018 | Ben Davies | 44:57
Ben continues his shrt series on Titus 2. He encourages us to take the opportunities that arise to speak into other people's lives.
The Light Of The World
Wed 7 February 2018 | Geri Jones | 27:16
Geri Jones reads Matthew 5:14-16 and talks about us being the light of the world. If Jesus, the Light of the World, lives in us then we cannot help but radiate that light to others.
She explains the science of colour and says that Jesus brings not just light but colour into situations to make them better by adding richness and vibrancy.

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Teach The Older Women
Wed 31 January 2018 | Ben Davies | 40:18
Ben continues his short series on Titus 2. This week on verse  3 he speaks specifically to older women. He tells them that if they are reverent, not a slanderer, not addicted to too much wine and are prepared to teach what is good, then they can have the most amazing ministry helping and teaching younger women. He gives lots of practical examples to help illustrate this, then asks how, when and where we are going to do it.
Teach the Older Men
Wed 24 January 2018 | Ben Davies | 42:43
Ben reads Titus 2:2 and asks the older men if they are still teachable, if they are willing to change and to humble themselves, to look inside and to believe truth. He then talks about the need to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance
You However
Wed 17 January 2018 | Ben Davies | 39:06
Ben starts his new series on Titus 2 by looking at "You however" in verse 1. He reminds us that we can all teach others but must be careful what we say and how we say it. He finishes by emphasising that we are all called to be different, because we all have God in us.

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Introduction to Titus 2
Wed 10 January 2018 | Ben Davies | 38:41
Ben speaks from Titus 1:1 as an introduction to a short series in the coming weeks on Titus 2:1-8.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward
Wed 3 January 2018 | Ralph Allen | 20:12
Ralph Allen reads the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume and talks about how, when we look back on our past life, we can easily disqualiy ourselves from being able to serve God as we look forward into the year ahead.
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Words Associated With The Birth Of Jesus
Wed 6 December 2017 | Ben Davies | 26:49
At the Christmas Encounter meeting, Ben looks at the prophecy of Jesus's birth in Isaiah 9:1-7 and speaks about 3 words in the passage emphasising that, whatever situation we find ourselves in, the zeal of the Lord can accomplish His purpose and work in us to achieve it.
Wed 29 November 2017 | Geri Jones | 30:57
As we enter the season of Advent Geri Jones looks at 3 very ordinary sets of people who found themselves part of this extraordinary occasion and shows how God still reveals Himself to us as He did to them

Mary - Luke 1:26-38
Joseph - Matthew 1:18-24
Shepherds - Luke 2:8-20

Two Encounters
Wed 22 November 2017 | Maurice Robinson | 36:33
Our guest speaker today is Maurice Robinson. He talks about an encounter that he had while working as a GP and then an encounter that Jesus had with the Pharisees. Jesus talks about the sheepfold and states that His sheep recognise His voice when He speaks, that He is the way in (salvation) & the way out (blessing).
A Preacher For 60 Years (Part 3)
Wed 15 November 2017 | Ben Davies | 45:42
This is the third of a 3 part series celebrating Ben's experiences as a preacher for 60 years where he brings practical applications to what he has learned. In this talk he tells us about the start of his preaching career during the ages of 15 to 20 years old and his enrolling at Spurgeon's College.
A Preacher For 60 Years (Part 2)
Wed 8 November 2017 | Ben Davies | 48:11
This is the second of a 3 part series celebrating Ben's experiences as a preacher for 60 years where he brings practical applications to what he has learned. In this talk he tells us about his conversion and other interventions of God during the ages of 10 to 15 years old.
A Preacher For 60 Years (Part 1)
Wed 1 November 2017 | Ben Davies | 44:13
This is the first of a 3 part series celebrating Ben's experiences as a preacher for 60 years where he brings practical applications to what he has learned. In this talk he tells us about 14 interventions of God during his first 10 years of life.

During the talk Glynis Challis sings a song, Remind Me Dear Lord. The full version can be found at
How Did Bartimaeus Handle The People Around Him?
Wed 18 October 2017 | Ben Davies | 39:06
Ben continues speaking about the healing of the blind man in Mark 10:46-52. This week he makes 9 points about how Bartimaeus handled the people around him.
A Man With Enemies
Wed 4 October 2017 | Ben Davies | 36:58
Ben continues speaking about the healing of the blind man in Mark 10:46-52, saying that he was a man with enemies. He asks why are there enemies and who are our enemies?
Harvest Sowing and Reaping
Wed 27 September 2017 | Ben Davies | 42:24
At our Harvest 2017 Guest Service, Ben starts by interviewing Jake & Chris asking what Harvests mean to them. Then once again he reads the story of the blind man healed by Jesus in Mark 10:46-52 and talks about sowing and reaping.
A Man With A Routine
Wed 20 September 2017 | Ben Davies | 39:34
Ben uses the story of the blind man healed by Jesus in Mark 10:46-52 to talk about how we need to change our routine if we want to get closer to Jesus
Reflections, Reminder and Reformation
Wed 6 September 2017 | Ben Davies | 36:33
At the start of a new term, Ben uses 3 R's (Reflections, Reminder and Reformation) to speak about how he wants us all to encounter God.
Fan Or Follower
Wed 19 July 2017 | Rob Lea | 21:12
Our guest speaker today is Rob Lea from Easthampstead Baptist Church. He looks at various passages from John's gospel to see how Nicodemus progresses from a fan of Jesus to a follower of Jesus, and asks whether we are a fan or a follower
Servant Leadership
Wed 12 July 2017 | Leon Johnson | 28:00
Our guest speaker this week is Leon Johnson. He read the story in Matthew 20:20-28 where the mother of James & John asks Jesus for her 2 sons to sit on his right & left in his kingdom, and talks about leadership in God's kingdom being about serving others rather than trying to reach the top and lord it over others.
What Do We Expect?
Wed 5 July 2017 | Liam Parker | 37:07
Our guest speaker today is Liam Parker. He reads Acts 3:1-10 and talks about raising our faith levels to expect more from God
Love in Action
Wed 28 June 2017 | Geri Jones | 26:41
Our guest speaker today is Geri Jones. She uses Jesus story about the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 to speak about love in action, reminding us that loving God and loving people means actually doing something about it!
Dealing with Disappointment and Failure
Wed 21 June 2017 | Ben Dale | 36:09
Our guest speaker today is Ben Dale from Maidenhead. Looking at 1 Samuel 30 he asks how David responds in this moment of personal failure and what can we learn to put into practice in our personal lives?
Do You Want to Be Healed?
Wed 14 June 2017 | Simon Benham | 32:39
Our guest speaker today is our senior pastor, Simon Benham. He looks at the subject of healing using John 5:1-3,5-15 and makes 3 points: God is a God who heals, God is good all the time, and sickness will impact your earthly life but sin impacts your eternity.
Try Something New
Wed 7 June 2017 | Simon Lace | 22:29
Our guest speaker is Simon Lace from Easthampstead Baptist Church. He asks if we are trying to do things in our own strength and to transform our own heart or are we leaning into God and the work of His Holy Spirit? We need to get ourselves out of the way and let the Spirit of God do the work, that we need to try something new.
Taking Your Opportunities (Part 3)
Wed 17 May 2017 | Ben Davies | 34:30
Ben continues the new series for the summer term based on Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Continuing on from the last 2 weeks, he speaks from Acts 3:1-10 on the 3rd of 12 practical steps - Taking Your Opportunities.
He covers the final one of his 12 points.
Taking Your Opportunities (Part 2)
Wed 10 May 2017 | Ben Davies | 33:02
Ben continues the new series for the summer term based on Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Continuing on from last week, he speaks from Acts 3:1-10 on the 3rd of 12 practical steps - Taking Your Opportunities.
He covers points 7 to 11 of his 12 points and promises that he will complete the remaining point next week.
Taking Your Opportunities (Part 1)
Wed 3 May 2017 | Ben Davies | 39:45
Ben continues the new series for the summer term based on Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". He speaks from Acts 3:1-10 on the 3rd of 12 practical steps - Taking Your Opportunities.
He covers the first 6 of 12 points and promises that he will complete the remainder next week.
Have Faith In The Sovereignty Of God
Wed 26 April 2017 | Ben Davies | 32:31
Ben continues the new series for the summer term based on Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". He speaks from Acts 10 on the 2nd of 12 practical steps - Have faith in the Sovereignty of God.
Soaking Ourselves In The Bible
Wed 19 April 2017 | Ben Davies | 37:43
Ben starts a new series for the summer term based on Acts 20:35 "It is more blessed to give than to receive". He asks what must we do to keep ourselves missional hot, speaking on the 1st of 12 practical steps - Soaking ourselves in the Bible - and then gives 6 ways of doing it.
Four Days Late .... But Still On Time
Wed 29 March 2017 | Ben Davies | 23:59
During our Easter Encounter meeting Ben reads parts of John 11:1-44. Jesus had arrived 4 days late to prevent Lazarus from dying but this was not a problem because He was still on time to raise Lazarus from the dead. It is never too late for us when Jesus is involved.
Jesus and the Centurion
Wed 22 March 2017 | Ben Davies | 29:18
Ben looks at Matthew 8:5-13 where Jesus has an encounter with the Centurion who He describes as having more faith than the people of Israel.
Who Are You? - Called to Declare the Praises of God
Wed 15 March 2017 | Ben Davies | 33:20
Continuing the short series from 1 Peter 2:9-10 on "Who Are You?", Ben reminds us that we are a Royal Priesthood, we are a Holy Nation and we are God's Special Possession. As a result we are called to declare the praises of God. Where we feel we are not able to praise God, he reminds us we have received mercy.
Who Are You? - God's Special Possession
Wed 8 March 2017 | Ben Davies | 39:58
Continuing the short series on "Who Are You?", Ben talks about us being God's special possession, and asks a series of questions about why we act in certain ways if this is true.
Who Are You? - A Holy Nation
Wed 1 March 2017 | Ben Davies | 38:12
Continuing the short series on "Who Are You?", Ben talks about us being a Holy Nation. God chose us to live a godly lifestyle and to be holy. Ben gives 6 ways how holiness can be seen in us.
Who Are You? - A Royal Priesthood
Wed 22 February 2017 | Ben Davies | 44:07
Continuing the short series on "Who Are You?", Ben talks about us being a royal priesthood.
Who Are You?
Wed 8 February 2017 | Ben Davies | 39:32
Ben looks at 1 Peter 2:9-10 and starts a short series asking the question "Who are you?"
Stepping Out In Faith
Wed 1 February 2017 | Geri Jones | 31:13
Our guest speaker today is Geri Jones, who talks to us about stepping out in faith using 3 examples from her own life to illustrate this.
Have Faith In God .... About Leadership
Wed 25 January 2017 | Ben Davies | 26:12

Ben speaks from Mark 12:13-17 and pleads for us to have a godly attitude towards leaders, whoever they are.

Have Faith In God
Wed 18 January 2017 | Ben Davies | 36:55
Ben uses the story in Mark 11:12-25 plus several other passages to encourage us to have faith in God
Read The Bible
Wed 11 January 2017 | Ben Davies | 30:31

Ben looks at the story in Mark 12:18-27 where the Pharisees had asked Jesus about marriage at the resurrection and He had replied that they were in error since they did not know the scriptures or the power of God.
As a result Ben encouraged us to read the bible - to know it, to believe it and to apply it.

Healing the Blind Man
Wed 4 January 2017 | Ben Davies | 37:01
Ben takes an in-depth walk through the story of Jesus healing the blind man in Mark 10:46-52.
Two Christmases
Wed 7 December 2016 | Ben Davies | 18:25
At the Encounter Christmas meeting, Ben speaks about two Christmases - his early Christmases at home, and Christmas at church where we remember the true meaning of God sending His son for all mankind.
Tradition or Truth
Wed 30 November 2016 | Ben Davies | 41:28
Ben looks at the passage in Mark 7:1-18 and talks about the dangers of tradition overriding truth. He encourages us to make sure that life kills of tradition.
Behind the Feeding of the Five Thousand
Wed 23 November 2016 | Ben Davies | 37:53
Ben looks behind the feeding of the five thousand in Mark 6:30-44 and draws out some points that we could relate to at our Encounter meetings
Immediately Or The Long Haul
Wed 16 November 2016 | Ben Davies | 31:36
Ben returns to the passage in Mark 1:40-45 that he spoke from last week in order to answer a question related to whether God always answers immediately.
The Man with Leprosy
Wed 9 November 2016 | Ben Davies | 35:04
Ben speaks from Mark 1:40-45 about the man who had leprosy
Wed 2 November 2016 | Janine Jackson | 28:49

Janine Jackson was a guest speaker today.
She looks at the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 and 21 to see what we can learn about God's Compassion, Provision & Revelation through Hagar's experience.
We see that God took her great mess and turned it into greatness.
Janine ends by asking the following questions:
- Where do you need/long to experience God's compassion, provision & revelation in your life?
- How and where can we demonstrate God's compassion, provision & revelation to others?

Enlarge The Place Of Your Tent
Wed 19 October 2016 | Ben Davies | 39:40
Ben shares a word that God spoke to him about at the recent GLS conference
Ministry of Fun
Wed 5 October 2016 | Simon Lace | 27:21
With Ben away on holiday, Simon Lace from Easthampstead Baptist Church spoke at our Harvest Guest Service.
James 3:1-12 - The Tongue
Wed 15 June 2016 | Ben Davies | 40:20
Ben speaks from James 3:1-12 about the power of the tongue and our responsibility as teachers to use it wisely
James 2:14-26 - Faith Through Actions
Wed 8 June 2016 | Geri Jones | 32:54
Geri Jones looks at James 2:14-26 and describes why and how our faith must be put into action
Eviction Discussions
Wed 25 May 2016 | Simon Benham and Ben Davies | 35:57
Simon explains why Encounter will be moving into the Kerith Centre from September. Then Ben replies and outlines some of the issues involved
James 1:26 - The Tongue
Wed 3 February 2016 | Ben Davies | 38:29
Ben looks at James 1:26 and explains how the tongue can be so dangerous
James 1:25 - The Perfect Law
Wed 27 January 2016 | Ben Davies | 39:14
Ben looks at James 1:25 and talks about 2 types of people, 2 types of looking, 2 types of laws, 2 types of continuing and 2 types of results
James 1:23-24 - Looking in the mirror
Wed 20 January 2016 | Ben Davies | 37:38
Ben speaks from James 1:23-24 concerning looking in the mirror then walking away and forgetting
James 1:22 - The Word
Wed 13 January 2016 | Ben Davies | 40:27
Ben looks as James 1:22 - Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says
James 1:19-21 - Quick to listen, slow to speak & be angry
Wed 6 January 2016 | Ben Davies | 34:13
Ben speaks from James 1:19-21 - Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry
Christmas Guest Event 2015
Wed 9 December 2015 | Ben Davies | 19:07
At our Christmas guest event, Ben speaks from Luke 2 verses 13-20
What Ben Heard at Bethel, California (Part 2)
Wed 2 December 2015 | Ben Davies | 38:05
Ben continues to talk about some more of the things that he heard God saying to him while he was visiting Bethel Church in Redding, California.
What Ben Heard at Bethel, California (Part 1)
Wed 25 November 2015 | Ben Davies | 37:01
Ben talks about some of the things that he heard God saying to him while he was visiting Bethel Church in Redding, California.
Wed 18 November 2015 | Ben Dale | 39:36
Ben Dale, our guest speaker, talks about change.
James 1:16 - My Dear Brothers & Sisters
Wed 11 November 2015 | Ben Davies | 34:10
Ben talks about verse 16 of James chapter 1 about My Dear Brothers & Sisters
God Deals With A Selfish Man
Wed 4 November 2015 | Michael Ross-Watson | 34:03
In Ben's absense our guest speaker is Michael Ross-Watson. He speaks from Genesis 28, 31 & 32 about God dealing with Jacob, a selfish man.
James 1:13-15 - Temptation
Wed 21 October 2015 | Ben Davies | 35:02
Ben talks about temptation from verses 13-15 of James chapter 1
James 1:9-10 - Status
Wed 14 October 2015 | Ben Davies | 37:08
Ben speaks from James chapter 1 verses 9-10 on the subject of status
James 1:6-8 - Faith
Wed 7 October 2015 | Ben Davies | 36:49
Ben speaks from James chapter 1 verses 6-8 on the subject of Faith
James 1:5 - Wisdom
Wed 30 September 2015 | Ben Davies | 36:40
Ben continues his James series by looking at verse 5 of chapter 1 and speaks about Wisdom
Can we trust Jesus?
Wed 23 September 2015 | Ben Dale | 36:51
Ben Dale is our visiting speaker today. He speaks on the story of the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:17-27 and asks the question "Can we trust Jesus?"
James 1:2-4 - Testing
Wed 16 September 2015 | Geri Jones | 23:50
In Ben's absense, Geri Jones continues the James series by looking at verses 2-4 of chapter 1 and talks about testing
James 1:1 - Being A Servant
Wed 9 September 2015 | Ben Davies | 33:20
Ben starts his series on James by looking at chapter 1 verse 1 and talks about being a servant.

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