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Band Of Brothers

Being Men that don't Fade
Sat 2 July 2016 | James Hosker | 30:17
James Hosker part of the Mens ministry team at Kerith Community Church speaks on the need for men to not fade in their love, joy and relationship with God during their lives. James speaks of the need to push deeper and get closer to God.
Band of Brothers
Sat 2 April 2016 | Todd O''Brien | 27.22
Todd O'Brien speaks at the second of our 2016 Band of Brothers events on the life of David. From David's life growing up as a child through to overcoming the giant 'Goliath' Todd relates David's path with real clear applications for our lives. Todd looks at how we so easily compartmentalise our lives, putting ourselves in to boxes.
Band of Brothers
Sat 9 January 2016 | Nicholas Giles | 24:20
At our third Band of Brothers event we kick off 2016 with a year of focus on a number of men from the Bible. Nick brings insight in to Nehemiah and a number of other men in the Bible and provides a "Tool Kit" for our life & faith in 2016 and beyond.
Band of Brothers
Sat 3 October 2015 | Lee Leyton-Matthews | 26:30
Lee Leyton-Matthews talks at our second Band of Brothers event about his life, the need for Men to connect to God and open up and get closer.
Band of Brothers
Sat 9 May 2015 | Ben Pocock | 22:30
Listen to Ben Pocock, Site Pastor of the Kerith Sandhurst site speak at our first Band of Brothers event.

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