Unique Womens Events
Spiritual Pathways
Sat 22 March 2014 | Catrina Benham | 40:46
At today's Unique Word and Worship meeting we look together at how we connect with God in our daily lives, exploring the different Spiritual Pathways, which are "Like doors that open into a room where we feel particularly close to God"
Don't Grumble!
Sat 1 February 2014 | Catrina Benham | 34:48
Paul says he has "learned the secret of being content". How do we also learn to be content, when we are often inclined to grumble (to mutter in discontent)?
Are We Living A Life Worth Imitating?
Sat 11 May 2013 | Catrina Benham | 41:29
Teaching from Titus 2 at the Unique Word and Worship event, Catrina encouraged us to see that we are all both older and younger women to each other. We need each other, we can impact wisdom and learn from each other. Are we living a life worth imitating? Are we sharing our lives with younger women?

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