Family Portrait
This is a 4 week series, looking at four different themes around family. The series starts by celebrating Fathers Day together, looking at the Father Heart of God and dwelling on the amazing opportunity that we all have to become children of God. Throughout the series, we'll be hearing from different...
Family [Part 4]: God's Plan For Families
Sun 7 July 2013 | Simon & Catrina Benham | 40:31
Today we take a look at the origins and God's view on marriage. Catrina and Simon speak on how to practically build a great marriage.
Family [Part 3]: Adoption
Sun 30 June 2013 | Simon Benham with Sharon Klitgaard | 34:56
Ephesians 1:5 tells us that God has adopted us as sons into His famil. Today Sharon Klitgaard talks about being adopted as a child, and what we can learn from that about our relationship with God
Family [Part 2]: Family
Sun 23 June 2013 | Simon Benham and Amanda Wolfram | 33:15

Amanda shares her inspiring family experience with a word of hope. In as much as we have God, there is hope for every situation. Psalm 68 tells us that God puts the lonely in families. God is a perfect Father, but often our earthly families and church family are much more messy. In conversation with Amanda Wolfram, we take a look at how God wonderfully works through all that messiness.

Family [Part 1]: Fathers
Sun 16 June 2013 | Simon Benham | 40:18
On Fathers Day we take a look at the revolutionary idea that we can relate to God not as his slave or servant but as his child.

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