Real 2013
The Womens Real Conference 2013 was held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July. Here are the talks.
Do something Good, Beautiful and True
Sat 13 July 2013 | Kim McManus with Dolce & Susan | 50:56
How will we live our lives as translators of a story that people understand? At the evening celebration, Kim challenges us to do something that is good, beautiful and true in the world.
Good Friendships
Sat 13 July 2013 | Catrina Benham | 36:20
Jesus was our greatest example of being friendly to everyone and the Bible teaches that to have friends, we need to be friendly. Responding to these wise words, Catrina brings some practical suggestions for how we can actually start and build good friendships.
The Best Relationships Swim in Deep Waters
Sat 13 July 2013 | Kim McManus with Dolce & Susan | 59:30
What do we do when troubles and conflict come into our friendships?
Real Friends
Sat 13 July 2013 | Abs Niblock | 46:40
Reflecting on the story found in Luke 5, of the man on the mat whose friends brought him to Jesus, Abs talks about how "Dear Friends" are formed in the extra mile in relationships.
Your Identify Can Be Changed By Your Friendships
Sat 13 July 2013 | Kim McManus with Dolce Wang | 49:00
Have you ever been labelled?
Onesimus, once a slave, ws relabelled to become Paul's "son".
Can you believe that your identity can be changed by your friendships?
Kim suggests that this is a model for changing the way we treat each other.
You Are Unique, Together We're Amazing
Fri 12 July 2013 | Catrina Benham | 33:22
Introducing this year's theme of "Together" at REAL's opening session, Catrina explored the question "How do we do life well, together with our friends, and together with God?"

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