The Next Level
The Next Level [Part 8] - How Small Is Your God?
Sun 22 September 2013 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 37:39
How small is your God? So often we box God into our perspective of life and circumstances, but through looking at the lives of Gideon, Moses and Paul we can see that God's love, plan and vision for our lives is far greater than we could ever imagine.
The Next Level [Part 7] - New Start
Sun 15 September 2013 | Simon Benham | 37:09
Today was a historic Sunday for Kerith as for the first time we met in two locations. We want each of our sites to have the same culture - today Simon takes a look at what that means.
Next Level Thinking [Part 6] - Vision
Sun 8 September 2013 | Simon Benham | 26:39
God's plan for our lives, both individually and as a community, is that we would bear much fruit. Yet for many Christians that is not their reality. Today we look at how it can be our reality.
The Next Level [Part 5] - Serving
Sun 1 September 2013 | Simon Benham | 45:36
Part of our role as followers of Christ is to help other people come to know Him. Today we look at two ways we can do that, by inviting people to come to church, and making church on Sunday a welcoming place for new people.
Next Level Thinking [Part 4] - Prayer
Sun 25 August 2013 | Sola Osinoiki | 34:34
Sola shares with us on how to take prayer to the next level. Using the story of Hannah in 1Samuel as an example, he takes us through the process of vowing to God as a key to the next level in prayer.
The Next Level [Part 3] - Creating Space
Sun 18 August 2013 | Simon Benham | 44:37
We often think of fruitfulness as part of our vision, something we hope will happen. Instead Jesus wants us to see it as a value, something we expect to happen and make changes when it does not.
The Next Level [Part 1] - Giving
Sun 4 August 2013 | Ben Davies | 45:14
Tell your children what God has done in your life when it comes to money. Always believe God that you will reap what you sow and when you have done all, tell your children and grandchildren again so that this emerging generation will not be ignorant of who God is and what He has done.

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