The Pursuit of Happiness
The Pursuit of Happiness is a 4 week series that looks at what the art of successful living really looks like. We’ll explore how we view money, sex and power, and explore what the bible has to say about each of these common ways in which we strive for success.
The Pursuit of Happiness [Part 4] - Thanksgiving
Sun 20 October 2013 | Simon Benham | 27:41
For a Christ follower, success and happiness can be summarised in the Hebrew word 'shalom'. What is shalom, and how can we experience more of it in our lives?
The Pursuit of Happiness [Part 3] - Power
Sun 13 October 2013 | Sola Osinoiki | 39:48
Sola Osinoiki shares from God's word the source of true power. He unpacks scripture to show that God has all power, that He has given us this power and we have to manage that power with integrity.
The Pursuit of Happiness [Part 2] - Sex
Sun 6 October 2013 | Ben Oliver | 36:23

In part 2 of our Pursuit of Happiness series, Ben Oliver reflects on how the world approaches sex as a potential source of happiness and fulfillment, how that so often gets distorted and messed up by our own brokenness, and what the Bible has to say about God's view of sex.

The Pursuit of Happiness [Part 1] - Money
Mon 30 September 2013 | Simon Benham | 46:15
Francis Bacon, the English philosopher, wrote that money is a great servant but a bad master. God wants money to be a source of blessing and happiness in our lives - today we take a look at how to make that happen.

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