9Ten 20/10/2013
This Sunday is one of our ever popular Ten10 Sundays, but with a slight variation. We used to have ten different preachers across the three Bracknell meetings speaking for 10 minutes each. Now that Sandhurst has opened, it would normally have become a 13Ten with 3 additional preachers at our 10am Sandhurst...
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
Sun 27 October 2013 | Ruth Jackson | 7:23
When we call on God and there seems to be a delay in His response, it can be confusing and leave us feeling discouraged. Through the stories of Mary and Martha, we learn that we can be confident it is never too late for God to break in and change a situation, even when He does not turn up the way we expect Him to.

Unfortunately, part of this recording was lost.
Faith In Action
Sun 27 October 2013 | Sonia Brett | 14:26
In Mark 2:1-12 Jesus forgives and heals a paralysed man. Although we may be aware of the miracles in the bible we do not believe we have enough faith for miracles to happen now. Just like these men in this bible passage put their faith into action, our faith can be activated for miracles to happen in the lives of people we know. We are the link between people and Jesus. 'Friends with Faith' can make miracles happen. We are all a friend to someone. This means as believers we all qualify and Jesus wants us to see things we have never seen before.
Love After Denial
Sun 27 October 2013 | Imogen Wilson | 07:32
We may deny God at some point in our lives but how does God react to this? Imogen dives deeper into what "We deny, God never denies us" really means and how Jesus demonstrates this within the bible. We look at Simon Peter's journey with Christ as his journey was a prime example of how Jesus demonstrated love after being denied.
Let The Children Come To Me
Sun 27 October 2013 | Philomena Mweu | 10:33
God assures us that we are His children, He loves us and He wants to bless us. But sometimes situations can prevent us from trusting Him. When we have a child-like spirit we are free to come to God, where we experience the touch of His love
They Told Him To Be Quiet
Sun 27 October 2013 | Terry Pocock | 10:22
The blind man, who was focused, determined and persistent, receives his sight
Joy in times of pain
Sun 27 October 2013 | Sasha Maybury | 17:38
The journey towards starting a family can be one of the most heart-breaking as well as one of the most joyful experiences that any couple will embark on. This is the journey that my husband Sam and I are on with the Lord by our side. As natural and scientific processes fail, waiting for God to act in our lives may be the hardest task we ever face yet we can still face this with joy amidst the struggle.
Sun 27 October 2013 | Jessica Cottee | 10:53
Jessica looks at the encounter of Jesus with Saul on the Damascus Road. Saul was an unlikely man chosen to spread the good news of the gospel to the world. Jesus see our potential rather than who we are now or what we have done in the past. We tend to judge others in a worldly way so we are all challenged by this story.
Look to the cross
Sun 27 October 2013 | Claire Usher | 9:09

Despite Jesus suffering immeasurably on the cross, surrounded by two criminals, and in His final moments of life, He extended His love and salvation. The significance of this is the words of Jesus, “Today you will be with me in paradise” and the response of the two criminals. For us, this is our chance to respond no matter where we are on our journey.

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