Open House Bonfire
In this short three week series we are going to look at the tension we live with of wanting to create a community where lost people feel very welcomed and at ease (having an open house) whilst also wanting to be full of the Holy Spirit and eagerly desiring spiritual gifts (that's the bonfire bit!). Most...
Open House Bonfire [Part 3] - Being Seeker Sensitive AND Spirit Filled
Sun 17 November 2013 | Simon Benham | 31:05
There can be a tension between building a church that is an "open house" and one where the "bonfire" of the Holy Spirit is given freedom to burn. We take a look at what the apostle Paul has to say about resolving that tension.
Open House Bonfire [Part 2] - Don’t Quench the Fire
Sun 10 November 2013 | Liam Parker | 41:26
Liam uses a passage from Jeremiah 2:13 to help encourage us not to quench the fire of the Holy Spirit and stop him working in His fullness throughout our church. Liam challenges us to realise and remember the importance of the Holy Spirit in a seeker sensitive church.
Open House Bonfire [Part 1] - Open House
Sun 3 November 2013 | Ben Pocock | 39:38
An Open House lifestyle is about inviting, expecting and welcoming all types of people to enter your life. As individuals and as a church how can we follow Jesus' example of an 'Open House' attitude? Let us follow His example so that in all that we do, we invite and welcome all types of peoplle, treating them excellently, give them a great experience so they can meet with God.

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