To kick 2014 off we will be focusing on what God is saying to us as a community and as individuals in this new year. As a church we've moved into a number of new areas in 2013 so now it's time to unpack!In what parts of your life do you need to unpack all God has for you?
Dusting Off
Sun 26 January 2014 | John Kirkby | 38:31
As we walk through life we all accumulate dust - the dust of our own failures, of other people's comments, of our disappointments, and even of our successes. We need to learn to shake this dust off if we are to reach our full potential. Here is the video mentioned in the message:-
Do Not Worry
Sun 19 January 2014 | Simon Benham | 36:51
Anxiety and worry can be one of the major causes of us not living the full life God has for us. God's plan is for us to live anxiety free - today we see how.
Sun 12 January 2014 | Simon Benham | 42:01
When we become followers of Jesus all the blessings that come from knowing Him do not come to us automatically. Just like moving into each room in a new house we have to choose to unpack each of the promises God has for us. Today we take a look at one of the keys to unlocking those promises.

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