TenTalks 23/02/2014
This Sunday is one of our ever popular Ten Talks Sundays (what used to be called Ten10 until we started a fourth meeting and it became Ten13, which is not quite so catchy. If you have never been to one of these then in each meeting different people in our community get to "have a voice" for ten minutes,...
It Is Finished
Sun 23 February 2014 | Olu Osinoiki | 10:33
Olu talks about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the significance of this event for both believers and non-believers. John 19:30 says "After Jesus drank, he said "It is finished". Then He bowed His head and died." (NIRV). Olu focuses on this verse and sheds more light on the significance of what happened that day.
Finding God's Will For Our Lives
Sun 23 February 2014 | Miriam Barker | 9:31
Miriam shares how through prayer we can learn about God's will for our lives, and God's faithfulness towards us.
The Prayer Of Jabez
Sun 23 February 2014 | James Evans | 9:51
James teaches on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, the prayer of Jabez, covering how Jabez responds to the name given to him (Jabez means 'sorrowful' or 'sorrow-maker') and how prayer can overcome the names and labels that the world puts on us today.
The Prayer Of Faith
Sun 23 February 2014 | Jack Newman | 10:40
Most of us will face some sort of trouble every day, whether that is big or small, but we usually try to fix the problem ourselves without even thinking about asking God to help. Jack looks at James 5:13-16, which shows us that a righteous man is powerful and effective when he prays, and when we pray in faith miracles can happen. We also learn why it is important to confess our sins to one another. This verse also helps us realise that we are more powerful than we think in God.
Be Thankful in Prayer
Sun 23 February 2014 | Mayson O'Brien | 14:02
Having an attidue of thankfulness in our prayer can be difficult when we are faced with hardships. But thankfulness will enable us to hear what God wants to speak to us in hard times.
Be Quick To Thank God
Sun 23 February 2014 | Jessica Bentleman | 11:04
So often we are quick to blame God for the things that go wrong in our lives, but we rarely take time out to thank God for all the things that go right, however big or small. In Ephesians 3, Paul's prayer is that we would 'stand firm and be deeply rooted in His love'. When we understand what it really means to be rooted in God's love, it becomes impossible not to thank God for being good... even when things are good.
A Persistent Prayer
Sun 23 February 2014 | Grant Baartman | 12:15
Persistent Prayer is the demonstration of faith in God. And Jesus teaches us that we should always pray and never give up.
Trusting in our own Righteousness or God's Mercy
Sun 23 February 2014 | Diane Bryan | 11:58
Looking at our attitudes in prayer through the light of one of Jesus' familiar parables
Sun 23 February 2014 | Edward Olugbile | 12:35
Edward speaks on the section of the Lord's prayer that says "Lead us not in to temptation but deliver us from the evil one".
The Holy Spirit in the Little Things
Sun 23 February 2014 | Jamie Royston-Smith | 14:28
We can often find it difficult to connect what goes on in Church to our daily lives and routine, specifically with the Holy Spirit. We see God move powerfully in Church meetings, but shouldn't we expect the same in our day to day lives and what would it look like to see our friends, colleagues and family receive the Holy Spirit like we know He wants us to? We should understand the the Holy Spirit has been given to us all and is living inside us. The same power that conquered the grave lives in us, but how can we live that out in the real world? "The Holy Spirit in the little things".
Stepping Out of Faith
Sun 23 February 2014 | Iain Bailey | 13:54
Iain encourages us to step out of faith. He preaches about stepping out of faith and praying for God to step up.
He Always Answers
Sun 23 February 2014 | Angharad Davis | 8:09
Pray and He WILL answer. It may not be the way you wanted Him to answer and it might take you by surprise when He does, but the way He answers will help you in your journey of faith.
Let His Will Be Done
Sun 23 February 2014 | Melanie Woods | 11:21
"Not my will but yours be done"; Jesus prayed this prayer before being arrested and crucified, making the decision to follow the will of God at the most difficult time. What does it mean for us to daily choose God's will over our own? To choose His will in the everyday and the mundane, as well as when making life-changing decisions? To use Jesus as our guide means surrendering in everything - trusting God's will above our own wants and desires, and doing this in the small things so that when we face bigger challenges the only natural thing to do is to pray - God not my will but yours.

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