21 Days in John
This is a three week series looking at John's account of the life of Jesus. We encourage everyone to read a chapter of John's gospel every day, which given there are 21 chapters in John gives us the series title! - On Sunday 27th April we look at Jesus being sent to the earth as the Word becoming flesh....
True Worshippers
Sun 18 May 2014 | Wale Adenuga | 45:46
Our visiting speaker today is Pastor Wale Adenuga from Nigeria. He shares thoughts from the life of the woman at the well and Job on being the worshippers God wants us to be.
I Call You Friends
Sun 11 May 2014 | Simon Benham | 35:44
Do we have a relationship with God just as our Saviour, or are there other ways we can understand and relate to His love?
Light Into Darkness
Wed 7 May 2014 | Liam Parker | 39:14
Liam declares the light of Jesus into the darkness of our everyday lives through prayer, teaching and a lot of passion!
Jesus is Real - a Group Study
Sun 27 April 2014 | Ben Pocock | 42:14
In the first week the '21 days in John' we explore the incredible reality that Jesus was fully God as well being fully human. What does this mean to us? How does this truth impact our lives? At the 6pm meeting we explore these questions in a group Bible Study style evening.
Uniquely John
Sun 27 April 2014 | Michael Ross-Watson | 48:28
The emphasis of John's Gospel is the deity of Jesus Christ. The whole of the Gospel is full of testimonies and statements that Jesus is God. Sadly Jesus, God in human form, came to His own people and they did not receive Him, but to those who did, He gave the right and power to become the sons and daughters of God. 
The Word Became Flesh
Sun 27 April 2014 | Heather Pocock | 32:15
Do you ever find it difficult to relate to Jesus, our almighty God and Saviour? We're encouraged to have an intimate relationship with God but how can Jesus relate to us and our first world problems? How are we supposed to have this relationship with him when, we're so different? Looking at John 1, we explore how because the Word became Flesh our Saviour can sympathise with us.

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