TenTalks 01/06/2014
This Sunday is one of our ever popular Ten Talks Sundays (what used to be called Ten10 until we started a fourth meeting and it became Ten13, which is not quite so catchy. If you have never been to one of these then in each meeting different people in our community get to "have a voice" for ten minutes,...
Remaining In Jesus
Sun 1 June 2014 | Catherine Barrett | 14:26
Looking at John 15:5 Catherine explores personal challenges and ways in which Jesus has spoken to her about remaining in Him. She focuses on the idea of being in Jesus rather than doing things, and the relationship He wants with us, whilst also thinking about what this might mean for our lives today.
Jesus Walks on Water
Sun 1 June 2014 | Connor Whiteside | 08:01
Connor talks about the miracle of Jesus walking on water in the book of John, and from this how we can find both a message and a challenge.  Connor challenges us to step out of our comfort zone, and encourages us to fully trust in the power of God.
Spiritual Blindness
Sun 1 June 2014 | Adam Bilcliff | 14:39
It is not uncommon for the ways of this world to overcome us and lead our hearts at times. in John 9:39 Jesus talks about spiritual blindness and how this is something that can affect both believers and non-believers. If we can centre our lives around Jesus, and ensure our actions and desires are in line with His work then we can see what is truly important and worth our focus in the world today.
Jesus - Light To This World
Sun 1 June 2014 | Emily O'Neil | 15:32
In John 8:12 Jesus declares "I am the light of the world". Have you ever stopped and really thought about what this statement means, reflected on how much it could impact your life? This one statement lets us know the purpose of Jesus; what He is like; and how He can impact us. By being the light of the world Jesus offers us the greatest gift of salvation, but taking time to explore Jesus' light can fulfil any desire we have here on earth. Will you decide to step fully into the light of Jesus?
Jesus - The Light Of The World
Sun 1 June 2014 | Dan McNab | 12:56
Dan talks about Jesus and how He is the light of the world. Jesus talks about this in John 8:12. Dan covers how Jesus is the light of salvation, then how Jesus is the light of hope and He can shine any light into any darkness in your life.
Dare to Hope
Sun 1 June 2014 | Graham Foxwell | 13:25
Graham talks from the heart about how his family was broken and he had lost all hope, and then gained it all back again through God’s blessings. He speaks of how to receive God's HOPE, when all hope seems lost.
Jesus - The Good Shepherd
Sun 1 June 2014 | Bernard Watsulu | 08:59
In John 10:11 & 14 Jesus declares himself as the Good Shepherd. This is confirmed by the fact that He is willing to lay down His life for the sheep. His death as a penalty for our sin was 1) Voluntary ­ He offered Himself up for us. 2) Vicarious ­ He was counted as guilty in our place, and 3) Victorious ­ He rose from the dead and is seated in glory. As followers of Christ we can rest in the knowledge that he knows us and cares for us deeply, despite our needs and circumstances. He is able to richly supply for our needs. He also promises to keep us eternally, therefore no fear of being lost (verses 27&28). We can rest in this knowledge.
Jesus - The Bread of Life
Sun 1 June 2014 | Lorraine Hart | 12:41
Have you ever been at the end of your physical strength & desperate for rest? When Jesus describes himself as the 'bread of life' He is giving us all we need to keep going. Bread was literally described as the 'life giver' when Jesus walked on the earth. Although bread is not as central in our diet as it was back then, the relevance of Jesus being the bread of life has not changed.
Who is to Blame?
Sun 1 June 2014 | Lisa O’Brien | 14:57
When difficult circumstances find their way into our human journey, we often look quickly for who is to blame. In John chapter 9, Jesus teaches that sometimes difficult circumstances are allowed in our lives so that the power of God can be seen in us. Each of us have a unique task that we are to carry out in the world to show humanity who He is and what He can do. Jesus then performs a miracle by giving sight to the blind man that was the subject of conversation. An interesting piece of this particular miracle is that Jesus asked the man to take part in the miracle. He spit on the dirt, created a mud paste, placed it on the man's eyes, and then asked him to make his way to the pool and wash his eyes in order to restore his sight. What are the miracles you are waiting for in your life? Where is God asking you to move in order to receive? How is He trying to show the world His redemptive power through your difficult situations?
Jesus - The True Vine
Sun 1 June 2014 | Tim Farley | 11:08
We are the branches of the vine and as such need to be connected in a full-time way to Jesus. What does fruit look like? Being fruitful is not an optional exercise. Finally, looking at one of the ways we "remain in the vine" with being rooted in the Bible as central theme.
Remain In Me
Sun 1 June 2014 | Anja Davies | 12:05
Jesus said "Remain in me and I will remain in you". We want to remain in Him and spend time with Him, but do we have the right motivation?

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