Real 2014
The Womens Real Conference 2014 was held on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th June. Here are the talks.
More Love, Less Hustle
Sat 28 June 2014 | Shauna Neiquist | 43:00
How do we ensure that all we have heard at REAL impacts our daily lives? Shauna chalenges us to complete the phrase "More ...... Less ....."
Q&A Session
Sat 28 June 2014 | Catrina Benham, Shauna Neiquist and Philippa Hanna | 36:51
Question and Answer session with Catrina Benham, Shauna Neiquist and Philippa Hanna
Replace The Lies With The Truth - Use Your Weapon!
Sat 28 June 2014 | Catrina Benham | 39:36
How do we replace the lies we believe with the Truth? We have got a weapon - use it!
Change The Story
Sat 28 June 2014 | Shauna Neiquist | 31:37
What are the stories from our past that keep us "stuck"? Every day, Jesus says to us "Can I tell you who you are?" Will we open the door and write a new narrative of our lives?
The Truth Will Set You Free
Fri 27 June 2014 | Catrina Benham | 23:36
We all want freedom, we all value truth. Catrina opens up REAL 2014 with this talk about freedom and truth, based on Jesus' words: "If you hold onto my teaching, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"
Interview with Shauna and Catrina
Fri 27 June 2014 | Lisa O'Brien, Shauna Neiquist & Catrina Benham | 25:29
To start the Real 2014 Conference Lisa O'Brien interviews the 2 speakers, Shauna Neiquist and Catrina Benham

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