Somebody Tell Somebody
Somebody Tell Somebody is a series designed to inspire all to take part in the mission of showing the world the love and power of Jesus. Full of practical teaching, stories and wisdom about how to reach the people in your life with the good news of the gospel.
Some Practical Thoughts On Personal Evangelism
Sun 2 November 2014 | Liam Parker & Simon Benham | 36:14
Liam Parker and Simon Benham take time to discuss their different experiences of sharing their faith.
Hot, Warm and Cold Evangelism
Sun 5 October 2014 | Liam Parker | 41:59
Liam speaks about Hot, Warm and Cold Evangelism to help equip us to best reach those around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Why I believe what I believe?
Sun 31 August 2014 | Liam Parker | 45:41
Liam takes us through the second instalment of our Somebody Tell Somebody series.  This week Liam teaches us how we can practically talk to others about Jesus and explain why we believe what we believe.
The Importance of Evangelism
Sun 20 July 2014 | Liam Parker | 33:02
Liam starts this series as he goes all out to motivate and inspire us to become more passionate and loving evangelists.

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