Advent is a period in the church calendar which runs from the fourth Sunday before Christmas through until Christmas Eve. The English word Advent comes from the latin word adventus, which means "coming". Throughout Advent we primarily focus on Jesus' first coming two thousand years ago, but also look...
Redeeming Fun
Sun 16 December 2012 | Ben Pocock | 46:00

Fun is deeply Spiritual. If we neglect fun from our lives then we are missing an important part of what life is about with God. In this message we explore the importance of Joy and Fun in our lives.

Redeeming Carols
Sun 9 December 2012 | Michael Ross-Watson | 39:00

Michael continues on the Advent series with an inspiring message about how much Jesus loves us. He shares different biblical account of Jesus exercising His love for us. He reminds us about the need to embrace the culture of loving one another as Jesus loved us. Jesus' love for us is not measured by how much good deeds we have done. His love is unconditional and everlasting.

Redeeming Advent
Sun 2 December 2012 | Simon Benham | 42:00

Are we as ready for the second coming of Jesus as we are ready to celebrate the first? In Matthew 24 and 25 Jesus tells us how to be prepared for his second coming.

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