The Soul Shift Series 2014
This 4 week series during August with a variety of preachers explores how we change the way we think and come at Spiritual Disciplines - with guidance on how to shift our attitudes and thoughts to come at them with the right heart.
Sun 24 August 2014 | Lisa O'Brien | 50:07
Our world is very fast and very loud, which makes creating space for God a challenge. Developing a rhythm of reflection creates space for God’s presence to reside in us on a regular basis.
Sun 24 August 2014 | Ben Oliver | 49:25
It's hard to be humble. "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less" writes C.S. Lewis. How does God do that? How do we do it? How have we got it wrong and how can God help us to get it right? Ben Oliver shares some more insight as we continue our Soul Shift series.
Sun 17 August 2014 | Andy Jackson | 38:30
We live lives that are increasingly self interested and self focused. We know this is not the life that we want for ourselves but the influences and pressures on us are very strong. In Philippians 2 we see that we counter self interest through humility and that we build humility into our lives through following the example of Jesus and becoming servants of others.
Privacy with God
Sun 10 August 2014 | Ben Davies | 44:11
Ben encourages us to develop an intimate relationship with God. He goes on to remind us about the dangers of today's distractions as a result of our fast changing culture.
Trying and Training
Sun 3 August 2014 | Ben Pocock | 40:15
Many of us try to better ourselves in our spiritual journeys. However, TRYING is filled with flaws. Today we look at how the bible guides us to 'train' rather than try. In the first of The Soul Shift Series, we look at the difference between the two, shifting our thinking, and experience how this can impact our lives and the way we relate to God.

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