This is a 4 week series that explores God's holiness - how he Promises to work his holiness in us; how his supply of holiness for us is Unlimited; how he means for it to overflow from us and be Released into our world; and how the whole process is not designed to hold us back or make us bored, but to...
Sun 26 October 2014 | Ben Oliver | 36:11
In the last of our four-part series on holiness, Ben Oliver re-caps what we'vel earned - how to live a life that's holy requires God's PROMISE of making us holy in Jesus, His UNLIMITED supply of holiness in the Holy Spirit that gets RELEASED through us as we cooperate with what God's doing and wnats to do in our world.  But how do you know if that's working for us or not?  And why would I want it anyway?  Isn't holiness boring or could it possibly be ENJOYED?
Sun 19 October 2014 | Andy Partington | 38:27
Andy Partington preaches from 1 Peter 2:9-12 on how we can do life and mission "spider style" and briefly share about novo, a new initiatives to establish transformational communities in developing nations - places where hurting and broken please can receive freedom and new life in Christ. To find out more about Novo, take a look at the film on
Tue 14 October 2014 | Michael Ross-Watson | 38:00
Living a life of holiness requires that we walk in the Spirit and His supply for us is unlimited.
There are 5 keys to walking in the Spirit:
1. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life
2. Live in right relationships with others
3. Deal quickly with issues of sin in our lives
4. Spend time quietly in God's presence
5. Make the will of God the priority for your life
Sun 28 September 2014 | Emily O'Neil | 21:08
Does the idea of talking about being a holy person terrify year?  Does it make you feel a pressure to be perfect?  Well, that is not what God intended for us. God made a promise to us that we would be holy people; not through anything we do, but through what Jesus has done on the cross. Our challenge is to agree to this promise, and let God bring down any barriers that are stopping us from accepting this promise about ourselves.
Sun 28 September 2014 | Catrina Benham | 23:49
If Holiness is a Promise, then how do I pursue it, and why do I feel it is a pressure?
Sun 28 September 2014 | Helen Cottee | 36:14
'Be holy, as I am holy'... a verse which can seem such a pressure as we look at the disconnect between our good intentions and our frequent reality. As we unpick this call on our lives by a Holy God, come and see how God reveals the truth that this is in fact a promise not a pressure... a message of grace and hope.

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