From Here to Eternity
Although we all know that one day we will die, we are very often afraid of death and don’t want to think about it. Perhaps that’s because we don’t really know or understand what happens to us when we do die. In this three week series, Simon Benham explains what the Bible tells us about death...
Dying Well
Sun 23 November 2014 | Simon Benham | 43:44
Death is a reality for all of us - how can we prepare for it, and how can we cope well when those close to us die?
Living In The Light Of Eternity
Sun 16 November 2014 | Simon Benham | 39:05
How does knowing that our eternity is secure change the way we should live today?
What Happens When I Die?
Sun 9 November 2014 | Simon Benham | 40:38
Many Christians live with a vague idea that when we die we go to heaven to be with Jesus. Is that really what the Bible teaches or is there more which can help us, in the words of apostle Paul, to truely see dying as gain?

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