TenTalks 22/02/2015
This Sunday is one of our ever popular Ten Talks Sundays. If you have never been to one of these then in each meeting different people in our community get to "have a voice" for ten minutes, 3 people in each of the morning meetings and 3 in the evening. This time round they are all going to be speaking...
Sun 22 February 2015 | James Manwaring | 17:53
God is Good and wants us to live out of that goodness. He wants us to #dreambig and seek a life of greatness and fullness. This message is all about taking hold of a dream, however big or small, and taking a step towards that dream. It is urging us to unlock the dreams in others, and to challenge and enable those around us to dream dreams.
How can we create fellowship?
Sun 22 February 2015 | Creighton O’Brien | 10:20
The question we should be asking is how can we live by the Spirit and how can we let the fruits of the Spirit direct the way in which we live our lives?  We must be filled with the Spirit and allow Him to guide the way we live through the fruits He produces in order to create fellowship with our church.
Building your foundations in God and not just in church
Sun 22 February 2015 | Sarah Harvey | 14:09
Building your foundations in God and not just in church
In A Pit Of Despair
Sun 22 February 2015 | Sarah Bailey | 13:22
Sometimes we think we have everything mapped out for our lives. We have dreams and aspirations that we work towards trying to fulfil, but sometimes God has other plans. Sometimes that journey towards working out God's plans in your life can be challenging. Sometimes we have to be in a pit of dispair and feel we have failed everyone before we can accept God's help and allow His grace and mercy to help us on a joruney towards redemption and healing. This talk outlines some helpful pointers to encourage people when they are feeling in the pit of dispair based on what God showed me over a 20 month period. It challenges people to seek God's grace and mercy, and to be prepared to lose everything they had dreams or aspirations for if it means walking a closer walk with God.
The Church Is For Jesus
Sun 22 February 2015 | Nemo Usin | 12:13
The Church is for Jesus. We in our earthly bodies represent a church service to people who might not know Jesus and the best way that we can serve Him to show Him to people is to first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.
The Connected Community
Sun 22 February 2015 | Paula Ridgway | 11:13
Acts 2: 42-47, can be viewed as not so much as an exact model for the Christian church today, but more as the historical way the church was started; but it is so much more than that. God whispered in my ear just the one word - community. How was community created for those first believers in Jesus, the Messiah and what is still true for the Christian community today? Three clear thoughts came to me: "CONNECTION", "AGE DOESN'T MATTER", "AGE DOES MATTER". Whatever your age, it is those vital connections that matter, both to you as an individual and to the strength of the Christian Community. What is your connection?
Sun 22 February 2015 | Shari Barrett | 10:03
One of the characteristics of the early church, in the book of Acts, was unity. Why is unity important, what does it look like and how do we apply it to our own church community in the 21st century?
Be Filled With The Spirit
Sun 22 February 2015 | Sam Philips | 12:11
The Holy Spirit working through Peter in Acts 2 and the early church.
Knowing God As Father
Sun 22 February 2015 | Mike Van Vledder | 10:45
On your worst day, in your darkest hour - Knowing who you are and Who He is, makes all the difference.
Ordinary People Made Special In His Service
Sun 22 February 2015 | Lawrence Dack | 11:22
The Bible tells many stories of people doing extraordinary things in God’s power, yet we may feel as though nothing that special could ever be part of our own life. Today we look at how Jesus called Peter to lead His church in its early, difficult days, and learn that God doesn’t search out special people to call; He calls ordinary people, like you and I – and makes them special in His service.
Being Together
Sun 22 February 2015 | Frances Reeves | 13;25
Being together was a characteristic of the early church. But they were soon scattered and had to really work on being together. We are scattered too, and togetherness doesn't always come naturally. We need to look out carefully for our lonely people. So how can we be together in a great way by including others, including me, including people outside, and including God. Putting it together is like a jigsaw puzzle.
How Is Your Basecamp?
Sun 22 February 2015 | Lianne Allen | 12:28
In Acts 2:42 the believers devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles. The early Church served others, shared and saw many miracles. How can we live this out today? I believe it starts with KNOWING God and visiting our relationship with him continually, if we don’t do this, our actions become diluted and move away from God’s agenda?

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