Real 2015
The Womens Real Conference 2015 was held on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th June. Here are the talks.
Sat 20 June 2015 | Priscilla Reid | 42:53
To bring this year's REAL to a close, Priscilla challenged us to be getting ones reflecting the mother's heart of God
The Key To Courage
Sat 20 June 2015 | Priscilla Reid | 36:33
Priscilla lead us in a practical session of prophecy and encouraging one another, based on Psalm 23
Believing God
Sat 20 June 2015 | Heather Pocock | 50:17
There's a difference between believing in God and believing God. Unbelief is as much an enemy to followers of Jesus as it is to those who do not follow Jesus because it keeps us back from the blessings. It keeps us from the full life that Jesus offers us. Heather looks at what it would look like to truly believe that God can do what he says he can do, and that we can do all things through Christ, exploring the fruit and incredible life that God offers when we believe him.
Take Courage
Sat 20 June 2015 | Catrina Benham | 34:37
"Take courage! It is I, and He climbed into the boat with them" (Mark 6:50)
Jesus gives us courage when He comes into our "boats".
Inspirations - Biblical Heroines
Sat 20 June 2015 | Priscilla Reid | 37:45
Priscilla speaks about 3 biblical heriones, Rahab, Jael and Hannah, who should be an inspiration to us.
"Their only safety net was God’s love and mercy, a safety net they must have tried out many times or else they would never have been able to fall into it so gracefully." Richard Rohr.
Scripture-Fuelled Courage
Fri 19 June 2015 | Catrina Benham | 33:17
Fear and courage go hand in hand. What courageous step do you need to take?
Like Gideon, come out of hiding, and have the courage to be seen.

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