The Book of Ruth
In this 4 week series we are digging deeper into the old testament book of Ruth. Come with Ruth on the journey from Moab to Bethlehem as we learn how she remained faithful in all circumstances.
Give, Not Get
Sun 2 August 2015 | Heather Pocock | 37:16
In our last chapter in the book of Ruth, we see Boaz's selflessness and humility in deciding to take Ruth as his wife. Heather challenges us to look at our own relationships and look towards how we can focus on giving not getting in them. 
An Introduction
Sun 26 July 2015 | Lydia Harris-Lane | 41:02
Boaz & Ruth have been introduced to each other and Ruth has discovered that Boaz is her guardian (kinsmen) redeemer. We explore what a redeemer is and look at Boaz being an earthly picture of our heavenly redeemer - who is Jesus. It's an introduction to Jesus and what he has done to become our heavenly redeemer.
Gleaning from the Mess
Sun 19 July 2015 | Eileen Scott | 26:40
Eileen talks from personal experience, about the way that God can take the situations in our lives, which we perceive as rubbish, and use them to create a beautiful story.
There's Always Something To Be Gleaned
Sun 19 July 2015 | Helen Cottee | 26:29
Ruth found herself in a time of deep need during a season of harvest - God's provision for her during this season was through the act of gleaning his grace. How do we adopt a stance of gleaning in our times of need in order to find God's undeserved favour in our lives?
A Glimpse of God’s Sovereign Plan
Sun 19 July 2015 | Matt Price | 31:48
Matt draws attention to the significance of the ‘Judges’ period of biblical history (where we pick up the story of Ruth) and takes us on a whistle-stop tour of History up to this point.

God was at work and continues to be at work to reveal his great redemptive work in mankind. Themes of protection / provision for people and Redemption are prominent in Ruth:
1. Boaz gives us an example to walk with God and submit our ways to him, regardless of what’s going on in the word or the state of play in our nation.
2. God provides and protects, but in His grace, enables us to play our part in taking hold of His provision and being used to bless others
3. Despite the general direction of the age, the brokenness of Naomi and a wait of more than a decade, “As it happens…” Ruth “finds herself working in a field belonging to Boaz”. In a specific moment, we see a glimpse of God’s sovereign plan of blessing. The chain reaction from here brings great protection, provision and blessing for Ruth and Naomi and echoes through the Davidic Line to THE redeemer in Jesus.
Ruth Chapter 1 - Kindness
Sun 12 July 2015 | Liam Parker | 43:27
Ruth 1:8 has inspired Liam to look around the Bible to discover the true power of KINDNESS! Liam shares with us what he found and challenges us to make kindness part of our everyday lives.
The Importance of Making Right Decisions
Sun 12 July 2015 | Michael Ross-Watson | 46:55
Michael Ross-Watson speaks on Ruth 1 and the importance of making right decisions based on compassion and self denial.
Ruth Chapter 1 - A New Journey
Sun 12 July 2015 | Emily O'Neil | 49:59
In Ruth Chapter 1 we read about many journeys taking place, but the one Ruth takes is a new journey. From a place of familiarity, she steps out with determination, showing selfless loyalty and sacrificial love. Her story & journey in Chapter 1 challenge us to ask ourselves, 'what new journey is God asking us to be determined about?' And 'how can we walk this new journey well?' When we choose to take these new journeys, there is no knowing what God will use us for!

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