Ten10 03/03/2013
This Sunday is one of ever popular Ten10 Sundays, with ten different preachers across the three meetings speaking for 10 minutes each. There is very little co-ordination between the speakers as to what they are going to speak on, so it is always amazing how what they bring always dovetails together...
Dual Citizenship
Sun 3 March 2013 | Sue Ranger | 12:44
Matthew 6:10 says "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". If we hold dual citizenship, of heaven and earth, with all the rights and responsibiities of both, then how can we combine the culture of heaven into our earthly lives?
Our Father
Sun 3 March 2013 | Gabriele Bytautaite | 11:04
When we pray "Our Father, who art in heaven", what kind of image do we get in our head? How have our experiences shaped our understanding of the word "father"? Some of us had awesome fathers and the leap from earthly father to heavenly father is easy. Some of us can barely call God the father, as we are disappointed with our earthly fathers. How do we see God  for who He is?
Sun 3 March 2013 | Irene Mooney | 11:40
Following on from the Keep In Touch series focusing on prayer, the Lord's prayer says we should "forgive others". Yet forgiveness can sometimes be one of the hardest things for us to do. Irene shares some of what she has learned about forgiveness ... mainly that it is not only a choice we make but a journey that God takes us on.
Prayer Is Simple
Sun 3 March 2013 | Neil Taylor | 09:49
Neil talks about how we sometimes overcomplicate prayer and he uses the Lord's Prayer to remind us to keep it simple.
Remaining Salty
Sun 3 March 2013 | Steve Parker | 12:51
Steve looks at the part of the Lord's prayer that says "Thy will be done". He unpacks the verse that tells us to remain salty, to show how this is involved in keeping God's will in our life. He does this by sharing his personal story of how God has used this verse to impact his life.
Capable Not Comfortable
Sun 3 March 2013 | Sam Jackson | 11:43
In the Lord's prayer it is written 'Your will be done'. What is God's will for our lives? Is it not the same as God's will for the disciples in Matthew 10? Are we prepared to take up te commission given to use by God? Are we prepared to go into uncomfortable situations and believe that through God's power, grace and mercy, we are capable of performing his will?
Your Will Be Done
Sun 3 March 2013 | Mark Jolly | 12:26
Jesus taught us to pray for God's will to be done. What does it actually mean when we pray 'Your will be done'? Is it a mystery that is revealed gradually to us over many years or can we know it today? Mark explains that we can know God's will for our lives today and that His will involves us becoming more like Jesus every day.
God's Kingdom
Sun 3 March 2013 | Pip Reeves | 09:55
Your Kingdom Come. What does God's Kingdom look like? There will not be favouritism. On earth, we judge people by their achievements. In God's Kingdom, people are valued for who they are and not what they do. God does not have favourites. Will you lift the face of those who are normally overlooked?
A Better Prayer Life
Sun 3 March 2013 | Steve Cronin | 09:46
Steve talks about what it takes to have a better prayer life with God. He breaks down the Lord's prayer to a very easy to understand concept that should really help us to engage with God better day to day.
What Is Forgiveness?
Sun 3 March 2013 | Martin Lines | 10:34
The idea of forgiveness may seem counter-intuitive. Is it simply a case of letting people 'off the hook' and ignoring what has gone wrong? Martin examines the need we all have for forgiveness and what we can apply from God's example to us.

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