The Soul Shift Series 2015
From 9th August 2015 Kerith morning meetings will be challenging us to a Soul Shift - engaging some of the best ways to bring healthy spirituality to our mind, will & emotions. Four different speakers across the weeks will bring God's wisdom, personal experience and practical tips that help us in the...
Reading the Bible
Sun 30 August 2015 | Michael Ross-Watson | 46:09

God has given us His word in written form, as a treasure for us, and enabling to know Him better and to walk in His ways. It is food for our spirit, and enables us to grow. Michael teaches about its importance, how to read the Bible, resources that are helpful, and gives an example of a page from his own daily Bible reading journal. Prepare to be both inspired and challenged.

Having a Heart of Thanksgiving
Sun 23 August 2015 | Sola Osinoiki | 47:49
Sola teaches from the story of the ten lepers the need for us to have a thankful heart. He shows how Jesus lived a thankful life and how we are called to follow in His footsteps. He concludes by ask us to have a life full of thanksgiving.

The video clip of the song can be found at
Sun 16 August 2015 | Lisa O'Brien | 44:21
Conversation about how our emotions can actually serve our spiritual growth and empower us to make an impact on the world in a healthy way.
A Call To Grow
Sun 9 August 2015 | Andy Jackson | 46:30
We expect children to grow into adults and, as adults, we expect to keep growing and to mature. Yet, when we look at our own growth we can be disappointed and can wonder whether we are changing at all. The disappointment runs deeper when we are Christians. Why don't we grow or change as we hope to? We can forget that we are supposed to grow and that God's plan for us is that we grow to become like Jesus. We must measure our growth by how much more we are like Jesus rather than whether we are doing things that appear spiritual. We grow to be like him by practising spiritual disciplines which allow God to work in us

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