Inside Out
This is a 4 week series where we look at how we deal with our emotions, and in particular what we might call 'negative' emotions such as sorrow, grief, disappointment or anger. It is easy to view those sorts of emotions as something a 'proper' Christian should never experience, to think that the Christian...
The trouble with pain killers
Sun 22 November 2015 | Andy Jackson | 33:29
What do you do to make yourself feel better when life is difficult ?  We live in a culture that tells us there are things we can eat, drink, buy or experience that will change our mood and relieve any emotional pain we are feeling.  Open a Coke, open happiness ? There are risks for us if we take this message in and use these things as pain relief.  We will miss what God wants to do in us and through us in our pain and we could be setting out on a path to addiction.
How to deal with Disappointment
Sun 15 November 2015 | Liam Parker | 22:57

Disappointment can be found all over the bible and it can definitely be found in our lives. It is a real emotion that even Christians feel. Liam will be unpacking Luke 8:22-25 to see how we can cope during disappointment and how we can keep ourselves focused on Jesus while allowing questions like ‘where are you God?’ to arise within us. 

Embracing Grief and Loss
Sun 8 November 2015 | Simon Benham | 37:49
Grief and loss are an inevitable part of life. How do we flourish and find meaning in our suffering?
Five Practices for an Emotionally Healthy Church
Sun 1 November 2015 | Roger Bretherton | 35:55
In the first talk of the Inside Out series, Psychologist Roger Bretherton talks through five biblical practices shown by modern psychology to promote wellbeing. They are gratitude, hope, endurance, forgiveness and compassion.  Practices such as these have the power to create a positive and life giving community of people.

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