Who Do You Think He Is?
"Pete Scazzero, author of the book 'Emotionally Healthy Spirituality', has a brilliant saying that 'Jesus may be in your heart, but grandpa is in your bones'. We are all more shaped by our past than we perhaps realise. Even when we experience the life change of coming into a relationship with Jesus,...
In the year King Uzziah died…
Sun 13 December 2015 | Ben Pocock | 45:28
In Isaiah 6, the prophet Isaiah shares a vision of God he had. The beginning phrase “in the year that King Uzziah died” has great importance in revealing to us something about our expectations and how God doesn’t meet them, but exceeds them. He exceeded our expectations when Jesus arrived on Earth hundreds of years later, and He exceeds our expectations for our lives today.
Sun 6 December 2015 | Simon Benham | 35:15
We all have to deal with 'mountains' in our lives. What can Zerubbabel teach us about how we deal with those mountains?
Don't Be Sentimental About Christmas
Sun 29 November 2015 | Ben Davies | 45:22
Speaking on Luke 2:1-7 Ben declares Jesus birth an event in history, bewildering, supernatural, into the teeth of opposition with impeccable timing, ushering in a life changing dimension to hitherto commonly accepted attitudes and lifestyles.
Who does he think he is: Isaac
Sun 29 November 2015 | Ben Oliver | 26:40

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