The Gospel of John
We will spend 2016 studying the gospel of John. Our hope is that by the end of the year we will all know Jesus better through His friend John. We will start the series on the 17th January with an introduction to John, followed by 7 weeks looking at the seven signs (or miracles) which John records in...
Peter's Reinstatement by Jesus
Sun 3 April 2016 | Simon Benham | 31:58

We all have failures, regret and sorrow from our past. Often we'd just like to ignore them or pretend they never happened, whereas God has a plan to use them in shaping our future. What can we learn from the story of Simon Peter about how we work with God in seeing that happen?

The God Paradox
Sun 27 March 2016 | Simon Benham | 37:27
Is it possible for God to be both holy, judging us for our sin, and loving, longing to have a relationship with us? What does all that have to do with Easter?
I Believe in the Resurrection
Sun 27 March 2016 | Michael Ross-Watson | 31:25
When Paul wrote to the Corinthians he had to address an issue concerning the resurrection of Jesus. Some of the people had listened to false teachers and doubted the resurrection. To correct this Paul wrote about the Fact of the Resurrection - it really happened. He wrote about the Necessity of the Resurrection, and he wrote about the Promise of the Resurrection - because Jesus was raised we shall live and one day have a resurrection body.
Things I Never Told You
Sun 6 March 2016 | Ben Pocock | 39:52
Often we find it hard to share with others the love, affirmation and acceptance we feel for them. We find it hard to say the words, and put actions behind the words. Why is that? And why is it important that we do it? On Mother’s Day we look at when Jesus met with a woman who had never received the love, affirmation and acceptance before, and how he shared these things with her.
John's introduction to Jesus
Sun 17 January 2016 | Simon Benham | 40:10

At the start of his gospel John wants us to clearly see Jesus as fully God, the one who existed before time began and is the divine force behind everything.

The DVD version of this talk is available at

Nicodemus: The Main Thing
Sun 10 April 2016 | Liam Parker | 43:17
Let's keep the main thing the main thing by not missing the point of church! Liam looks at the life of Nicodemus to help us ensure that we keep Jesus at the centre of it all.
Nicodemus : Challenging his Beliefs
Sun 10 April 2016 | Andy Jackson | 31:45
Listen as Andy speaks about the life of Nicodemus and looks behind the wider story of the man and his part in the life and times of Jesus. Andy reveals the challenge that Jesus made to this mans core beliefs and the need to reverse his thinking from Behave, Believe, Belong to Belong, Believe, Behave.
Fathers Day - Flourishing in every season
Sun 19 June 2016 | Simon Benham | 38:17
Simon takes a look at some of the events in the life of the Apostle John and see what lessons we can learn about how he did life well

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