Signs in John
This 7 week series looks at the seven signs (or miracles) which John records in his gospel, each of which tells us something different about Jesus and how we can believe in Him.
Sign 7 - Who Raises the Dead?
Sun 20 March 2016 | Lisa O'Brien | 44:22
In order for new things to come alive in our life, we have to let old things pass away. Grief becomes a powerful tool in our spiritual growth and in manifesting God's transformation in our lives.
Sign 7 - Who Raises Someone from the Dead?
Sun 20 March 2016 | Ben Oliver | 33:36
In the build up to our 7th sign in John's account of Jesus' life, one of Jesus' friends is ill. Jesus doesn't heal him. After his death Jesus encounters the two grieving sisters in startlingly different ways. We ask, "why doesn't Jesus always come through?", "does He even care?" and "what hope is there for me now?"
Sign 6 - Jesus heals the blind
Sun 13 March 2016 | Sola Osinoiki | 20:20
Sola speaks about the healing of the man born blind, he looks at this 6th sign of Jesus through the eyes of Jesus, the eyes of the one who is healed and the eyes of the disciples. He talks about the significance of the healing and how it impacted the way the Jewish people approached Jesus. He focuses on Jesus, how in the midst of a busy world He still has time to stop and see us! He notices us.
Sign 6 - Jesus heals the blind
Sun 13 March 2016 | Heather Pocock | 14:11
For the sixth sign recorded in the Gospel of John, Jesus encounters a man who had been blind since he was born. The disciples get distracted from their mission to do God’s work, but Jesus is hugely clear on what He’s meant to do on earth. Our job as disciples is to bring light to the spiritually blind and Jesus demonstrates this by bringing physical sight to a blind man, as well as his salvation.
Sign 5 - Jesus walks on water
Sun 28 February 2016 | Simon Benham | 40:18
We will all experience storms in life. How can we learn to deal with them when they inevitably come, and what can we expect God to do?
Sign 4 - Who Feeds the Multitude?
Sun 21 February 2016 | Leon Johnson | 36:02
In the feeding of the 5000 Jesus was showing the people that he didn't come primarily to meet a physical or material need, but a spiritual one. The miracle is a sign, pointing to himself, The Bread that satisfies our Soul.
Sign 4 - Jesus Feeds many people
Sun 21 February 2016 | Simon Benham | 23:00
The 4th sign of Christ in the book of John, we see Jesus choosing to use a small child and his faith to feed and satisfy a large crowd.
Sign 3 - Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
Sun 7 February 2016 | Ben Pocock | 40:50
The 3rd sign of Christ in the book of John, we see Jesus choosing to heal on the Sabbath. From this moment and from the way people react to this situation, what do we learn about ourselves, and who Jesus is? How might we respond to this?
Sign 2 - Jesus heals an official's son
Sun 31 January 2016 | Simon Benham | 33:59
John’s second sign sees Jesus back in Cana being asked to heal a dying boy.  What can we learn about Jesus from how he deals with the boy's father?
Sign 1 - Water into wine
Sun 24 January 2016 | Catrina Benham | 30:18

Jesus' mother told the wedding servants "do whatever He tells you."
A quiet miracle that initially only the servants and His disciples knew about, Jesus' first public miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding.
Who do we turn to for help? 

Sign 1 - Water into Wine
Sun 24 January 2016 | Heather Pocock | 44.29
Do you believe that Jesus can and will transform your life? As we look at a gospel that is written with the purpose that we might believe, the story of Jesus turning water into wine challenges us to increase our belief that Jesus is a transformer.

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