In this mini series leading up to Pentecost we are going to look at the work of the Holy Spirit and what difference He makes our lives.
Being Full of the Holy Spirit
Sun 15 May 2016 | Simon Benham | 25:14
Simon Benham looks in the book of John at the life of Jesus. He was not just filled with the Holy Spirit but he remained full of the Holy Spirit. It is vital for us to do the same.
What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
Sun 8 May 2016 | Simon Benham | 36:47
Why is it so important for Christians to be filled with the Holy Spirit and what difference does being filled make?
The Work of The Holy Spirit
Sun 8 May 2016 | Leon Johnson | 33:01
Jesus promises his followers the Holy Spirit, that he is not expecting them to live the life he is calling them to in their own strength, that the Helper would come.

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