Ten Talks 12/06/2016
On Ten Talks Sundays, we get the opportunity to hear from many different people in our Kerith Community sharing what God has been speaking to them about. This Sunday we will have 11 speakers from all our sites across the 3 morning meetings (9&11am in Bracknell and 10am in Sandhurst) plus our evening...
Being vessels of God's love
Sun 12 June 2016 | Harriet Ward | 07:26
Harriet uses the story of the blind man in John to talk about how we can always bring glory to God in every situation. She also explores the ways in which the world tries to steer us away from God & talks about getting back on track, remembering His root command - to love one another
Invite your friends to the pool
Sun 12 June 2016 | Matt Ranger | 09:06
Matt reflects on the possible circumstances that brought the invalid to the pool at Bethesda and challenges us to think of the pools in our own lives
Nicodemus: A Man Hungry for God
Sun 12 June 2016 | Andrew Larkin | 11:36
Nicodemus had so much to be proud of in an earthly sense, but he did not let pride get in the way of him having a one-to-one with Jesus, growing in his faith, making Jesus his King. Earthly success is great, but always keep the main thing as the main thing!
Standing Up with God in our lives
Sun 12 June 2016 | Jack Ranger | 09:22

Jack Ranger looks at the Soldiers, the Disciples and Mary in this part of God’s Word. Jack looks at their roles and the position of each when Jesus was being condemned and crucified. Do we stand up when we hear untruth about our God? Are we scared sometimes? Do we stand up like John and Mary Magdalen  who stood by to cross through the action. Jack speaks from his heart about the his life and how negative words and persecution affected himself, his character. Jack reveals the strength that enabled him to discover himself – his faith in God.

The Woman at the Well
Sun 12 June 2016 | Stacey Omakaro | 11:45

Stacey looks at Jesus meeting with a Samaritan woman at a Well. What starts as a simple question to relieve thirst results in a miraculous event for a whole village of people. Stacey speaks about how important it is to be that person, to be open to having a conversation with Jesus and being open to letting him work in our lives to accomplish amazing things.

Calling His Sheep by Name
Sun 12 June 2016 | Laura McCarthy | 8:42
Laura's story about God's calling on her life
The Value of Wrestling with Doubts
Sun 12 June 2016 | Ben Britton | 10:50
John 20:24-29, the value of wrestling with doubts
Lord, to whom shall we go?
Sun 12 June 2016 | Andy Barrett | 12:20

Andy looks at the story of Simon Peter in the book of John. He also speaks about his personal journey of faith with total honesty and conviction. Andy’s journey is real life and a real encouragement that Jesus is the same for each us, Jesus is unending in his desire for us, he is the bread of EACH of our lives, he IS.

Faithful Thomas - How do you see yourself?
Sun 12 June 2016 | Claire Hulme | 12:46
Claire looks at the portrayal of the disciple Thomas in John's gospel. He became known as Doubting Thomas, but does this show who he really was? There may be many labels put onto us and it can be easy to think negatively of others or ourselves, but how does God see us? We need to remind ourselves of our true identity in Him.
Facing problems? - God is there
Sun 12 June 2016 | Helen Harker | 12:29
God supports us through our problems. God is never too busy for you – He is interested in everyone
Your Race
Sun 12 June 2016 | Larry Akin-Olamiti | 15:53
Larry talks about how we were chosen by God; called to become best version of ourselves.
Where do you stand
Sun 12 June 2016 | Kristina Jureviciute | 10:03
We are all human, we all fail at some point and yet failure is not our identity. Forget about the past and move forward

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