Things I Wished Jesus Never Said
During his three years of ministry Jesus made a lot of statements. These statements have completely changed the world. They have inspired laws, built morality and have even been sowed onto couch cushions! Some of the statements Jesus made were beautiful and inspiring and there were other statements that...
Living Life in the Storm
Sun 25 September 2016 | Liam Parker | 30:04
Liam delivers a difficult but amazingly powerful message about living our lives in the storm.
Dying to self
Sun 25 September 2016 | Ben Davies | 41:04
Ben Davies speaking on dying to self says it glorifies God. Jesus did, so the Christian's call is to do so.  It produces character fruit and points people to Jesus. It is costly but unavoidable
Jesus my Saviour but not my Lord
Sun 18 September 2016 | Simon Benham | 41:12
Simon Benham: We all feel very comfortable with the concept of Jesus being our Saviour - that He loved us so much that He gave His life for us. But are we as comfortable with the idea of Him being Lord over every area of our lives?
Hell and Judgement
Sun 11 September 2016 | Heather Pocock | 34:17
Hell is a topic  that many people avoid. In this talk, Heather Pocock looks at what the Bible teaches about hell, answers common questions like; "How can a loving God send people to hell?", and "Isn't hell too harsh?", then we hear about the escape route that God offers to all of us.

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