Ten Talks 06/11/2016
On Ten Talks Sundays, we get the opportunity to hear from many different people in our Kerith Community sharing what God has been speaking to them about. This Sunday we will have 10 speakers from all our sites across the 3 morning meetings (9&11am in Bracknell and 10am in Sandhurst) plus our evening...
An abundant life with Jesus
Sun 6 November 2016 | Demi Riley-Carlaw | 11:16
Demi Riley-Carlaw: In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He came so we could have life in abundance, but in reality most of us do not experience that abundance at all times. Using John 10:10 Demi unpacks what the bible says about the difference between just having Jesus in our lives, and having an abundant life in Him. She also looks at what, as followers of Jesus, we need to do to allow God to deliver that promise of abundance in our lives
Breaking Through the Culture Barrier
Sun 6 November 2016 | Jamie Royston-Smith | 12:25
Jamie Royston-Smith: Jesus would stop at nothing to bring the lost and the broken home. In this talk find out how Jesus would break down the culture barriers and the environment around Him to save even one soul. How can you break through harmful cultures in your own life?
Jesus Said 'I Am the Resurrection and the Life'
Sun 6 November 2016 | Marija McKean | 11:11
Marija McKean: John 11:25-26 Jesus says “I am the resurrection and the life. ..” Jesus has full power over everything, and the question Marija asks is “would we make different choices in life if we truly grasped Jesus’s power and love?” She look at the story in John chapter 11 where Lazarus is sick. Jesus said in verse 4 that this sickness will not end in death, however they had buried Lazarus and rolled a stone over. Where have you rolled a stone over, when Jesus did not say it was finished?
Life and Death
Sun 6 November 2016 | Daiva Johnson | 09:55
Daiva Johnson: In John 5:24 Jesus is saying that whoever chooses to believe in Him has crossed from death to life. We will have a great life here on earth, and our eternal destiny is secured as well from the moment we believe in Jesus
Jesus is cure to our sin
Sun 6 November 2016 | Philip Curtis | 12:13
Philip Curtis: Everyone disobeys God (sins) throughout our lives. In John 3:1-16 Jesus gives us the Cure to all our sins, both Christians and non-Christians alike. A faith filled LOOK to Jesus will restore our broken relationship with God
Sun 6 November 2016 | Mac Heath | 12:08

Mac Heath: In times of uncertainty we can look for direction and leadership – as Christians we already have this but need to learn Followership. We are given a clear commitment that through following Him ‘we will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life’ (John 8:12).

- Those who see themselves as followers, should follow Him,

- Those who see themselves as leaders, should follow Him.

There are two ways of spreading the light – one to try and be the candle that emits light, the other to be the mirror that reflects it.

The Son sets you free
Sun 6 November 2016 | Sam Phillips | 23:45
Sam Phillips: True freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ. And when He sets you free, you will be free from Sin, in identity and free to really live. Not what the world offers which is false but the True freedom of Jesus, Jesus came to bring life and life in all of its fullness. Sam summarizes with simplicity and great clarity:-

Freedom from Sin, Freedom from Identity & Freedom to live the life you were MADE to live!


You Are My Friends, I Have Called You Friends
Sun 6 November 2016 | Heather Niven | 11:30
Heather Niven talks about the friendships of Christ, how He preserves this and seeks to make new friends
Peace and Fear
Sun 6 November 2016 | Georgie Kelham | 11:29
Georgie Kelham: Fear stops us from doing things. Self-doubt gets into our heads and we let that limit God’s plans for our lives. But if we can grasp the peace that Jesus gave to us, surely we can break the cycle of insecurity.
The Gift of Forgiveness
Sun 6 November 2016 | Julian Rutland | 15:30
Julian Rutland: Those of us who are Christians have experienced God’s gift of forgiveness, but how should we respond when we are ourselves wronged? Should we just forgive and forget? By choosing to forgive we can live free of the past and give ourselves a future of hope.

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