Unto Us
In the run up to Christmas, a number of our preachers take their own look at Isaiah 9 and the promise of the birth of Jesus
Jesus is the Only Light
Sun 18 December 2016 | Liam Parker | 41:15

Liam Parker talks about The Light – that Jesus Christ is the only source of true light in the world. There are not options – it is always and only Jesus. We are living in a time of unequalled choice of travel, job and what to do in our lives.

Never the Less
Sun 18 December 2016 | Ben Davies | 51:30
Ben reflects on Isaiah Chapter 9, For US a Child is born. History has got a lot to do with us in the run up to Christmas.
Unto Us A Son Is Given
Sun 4 December 2016 | Sola Osinoiki | 29:31
Sola looks at the famous verse Isaiah 9:6 and takes us on a journey of seeing how the Child and Son is Jesus Christ. He then presents to us a need for us to follow Jesus and make Him the centre of our focus. He is our wonderful counsellor, mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace
Hope In Darkness
Sun 4 December 2016 | Ben Pocock | 39:12
Ben Pocock: Isaiah 9 is a commonly spoken of passage of the Bible during Christmas. It speaks of who Jesus is and his coming. In this message we explore 4 effects of Jesus’ coming from this passage. The hope we can have today is real, and because of Jesus we will see real impact on our lives as we believe and put our faith in Him.

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