What does Jesus think about front page news? To begin 2017 our preaching team are taking an in depth look at what the bible has to say about some of the major issues facing the UK today.
Sun 29 January 2017 | Simon Benham | 44:43
The news is full of stories relating to people who are either transgender or intersex.  What do those terms mean, what does the Bible have to say about them and how should we as Christians best help people struggling with these issues.
Sexualisation in the Media
Sun 22 January 2017 | Heather Pocock | 40:30
Heather Pocock: Too much too young? We explore how to negotiate parenting and nurturing godly sexuality in an over sexed culture.

Statistics suggest that the average age a child first views porn is age 10. The majority are introduced on a friends device. We look at how we can parent in a sex saturated world.

Steamy reality shows. X-rated lyrics. Half naked celebrities. How do we negotiate our over-sexed culture to nurture a healthy sexuality as God intended?
Mental Health
Sun 15 January 2017 | Simon Benham | 42:25
Simon Benham: There is so much stigma around mental health, both in society and in the church. How do we begin to overcome that stigma and instead make the church a place of healing for those struggling with mental illness.
Sun 8 January 2017 | Simon Benham | 40:10
Simon Benham: If 2016 was the year of the unexpected we start 2017 as the year of the unknown. How should we respond to the challenges posed by the decision last year to leave the European Union?

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