We are taking seven weeks looking at how we handle our finances and possesions, and how through using them as God intended we can live a more generous life. As part of the series we are encouraging everyone to participate in daily generosity challenges, which we hope will move us as a community to grow...
All Out Generosity
Sun 2 April 2017 | Michael Ross Watson | 34:56

Michael looks at the Old Testament, at the House of Saul and the relationship between Saul and David. Michael looks at how their relationship went from Friendship to Hostility but with God back to friendship. God challenges us to do amazing things, for Saul it was to change from hatred and jealousy to caring. Michael speaks about fear in his own life and how God delivered an amazing gift and encouragement to help him overcome his fear. For Michael there had to be a pivotal change in his life to make him change and when that happened it allowed God to take him on an amazing journey. God wants to restore us and for us to restore others, to live a life of all out generosity & compassion that reaches out to the broken and needy. It is not a collection of acts but a lifestyle.

Listening to God's Whisper
Sun 2 April 2017 | Sola Osinoiki | 32:16
Sola Osinoiki: Sola speaks on Spirit led generosity; How God by his Spirit leads us to be amazing generous. He looks at the bible trail of saints of God being led by the Spirit of God to be generous to strangers and how we as Christians ought to be yielding to the whispers of God. He encourages us to be generous this week as we walk in the Spirit.
His Love Endures Forever
Sun 19 March 2017 | Liam Parker | 42:30
We all go through times of struggle or suffering but these moments are very often the very times that God uses to help us learn more of His love and push us to another level in our relationship with Him. Psalm 136 is a worship song and a battle cry to help us get through tough times and remind ourselves that God's love endures forever and He will use what was meant for our harm for our good.
Give Generously
Sun 5 March 2017 | Andy Jackson | 44:42
Handling our money and possessions well and generously includes honouring God by giving the first part of all we earn to His purposes in the world.

We are inspired by stories of individuals who give generously but find it hard when the challenge to give is to us and when we are challenged to give to the church. Why should we give and how much should we give? In the Old Testament we read that God commended His people to tithe, to give Him the first tenth of all they produced. Tithing was an acknowledgment that everything belongs to God and that all they had came from God. Tithing expressed a dependence on God and a trust that He would meet their needs even as they gave a tenth of what they had back to Him.

Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law and so we know that He would have tithed and given in a way that was acceptable to God. Jesus did not ever teach that tithing was wrong or that it was irrelevant now that He had come. Instead, He calls us beyond a life of rigid compliance with laws and regulations to a life of outrageous generosity in which our giving to God expresses our love for Him and for people, and is built on a deep trust that He will provide for us.

We give so that God's will may be done and His purposes fulfilled. Imagine what God could do if there were a radical shift in our giving.

Sun 5 March 2017 | Simon Benham | 35:02
Simon Benham: We live in a world fuelled by debt. Does God want us to live with debt, or is there another way?
How to Live Joyfully Within God's Provision
Sun 26 February 2017 | | 46:02
In our 2nd week of this series of Generosity we explore the call to Live Joyfully Within the Provision God has for Us Today.  How can we live within our means, and with a joyful attitude?
It All Belongs to God
Sun 19 February 2017 | Simon Benham | 43:15
Simon Benham - How does Jesus want us to view and use our money, possessions, talents, time and energy?

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