Letters to the Seven Churches
This series looks at the first three chapters of the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation. For the first week Simon will give an overview of chapter one, then we will spend a week looking at each of the letters written to seven different churches contained in chapters 2 and 3 (skipping the...
How To Overcome Lukewarmness
Sun 3 September 2017 | Heather Pocock | 39:28
Heather unpacks the letter to Laodicea, the lukewarm church. She looks at how we can tell if we are lukewarm, ignite our passion and turn up the spiritual temperature in our church? What is in store for those who overcome lethargy and apathy in their faith?
Let them Hear (The Church in Philadelphia)
Sun 27 August 2017 | Sola Osinoiki | 37:22
Sola in his preach unpacks the letter to the church in Philadelphia. He takes verse by verse to help us fully understand the message to the church then and how that is relevant for us today.
If You're Breathing, You Can't Be Dead! (The Church In Sardis)
Sun 20 August 2017 | Fran Harrison | 46:59
Fran Harrison: At times in our complacency we believe we're alive and well, but how would Jesus rate us if He were to take our spiritual pulse?  Would he declare us dead, or would he say we're alive?  The challenge is not to blend in with the world around us, and lose our identity as Christians, but the promise is always there - that Christ waits to breathe new life into areas of our lives that may have died.  As long as we're breathing, Jesus holds out the promise of eternal life, because He is life!
Letter to the church in Sardis
Sun 20 August 2017 | Liam Parker | 38:36
Liam Parker speaks on the revelation letter to the church of Sardis. Liam reminds the church about Jesus' life, personality, His love for us and what is expected of us.
A letter to the church in Thyatira
Sun 13 August 2017 | Liam Parker | 50:21
Liam Parker speaks on the Revelation letter series about the letter to the church of Thyatira. Liam speaks on how we typically don’t fall away from God when big life events happen but more when the little things happen, gently chipping away at our spirit. Liam talks about stopping the foxes from coming in, stopping those things that make us selfish and take us away from God and others. It is not legalism or religiousness but about recognising that each of us face unique challenges. Secondly Liam speaks about the goodness that Holiness gives us and others. Walk in Holiness, aim for holiness and yearn for holiness
Tolerant Thyatira
Sun 13 August 2017 | Leon Johnson | 39.26
Ever increasingly tolerance is preached in our society. How does Jesus call us to be tolerant as we live out our lives following Him?
A Letter To Those Under Attack (The Church In Pergamum)
Sun 6 August 2017 | Simon Benham | 34:38
Simon Benham: We have an enemy, the devil, who is out to destroy us. What are his tactics and how can we be sure to endure in the face of his attacks?
A Letter To Those Facing Hardship (The Church In Smyrna)
Sun 30 July 2017 | Simon Benham | 42:53
Simon Benham: Some present the gospel of Jesus as a way to achieve health, wealth and happiness. What does Jesus have to say to a church experiencing hardship and poverty?
A Letter to the Influencers (the church in Ephesus)
Sun 16 July 2017 | Ben Pocock | 39:44
Today we begin to look at the 7 letters to 7 churches written in the book of Revelation. This first letter is to the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7), where we see an encouragement from God, and an area of correction from Him too. What does God want to say to us today as a church, but also as individuals about the importance of our first love?
Turn Up The Volume Of The Word Of God In Your Life
Sun 9 July 2017 | Simon Benham | 43:45
The book of Revelation is, for many people, a confusing book full of strange images and stories. How do we get beyond that confusion and discover its relevance to us today?

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