A short series of sermons encourage us to celebrate all that God has done for us
God is for Every Generation
Sun 8 October 2017 | Ben Oliver | 22:16
Ben Oliver: We brought all the age groups together on Sunday to celebrate the generations. Ben asks the question - what is the best age to find your way back to God?
Remembering Those who serve
Sun 1 October 2017 | Sola Osinoiki | 39:44
Sola Osinoiki: Sola talks about remembering those who serve in the church - the volunteers who serve God's purposes. He shares what God says about serving and how they are remembered. He encourages us to keep on serving as each one of us plays our part. He also shares why Jesus was known as the greatest volunteer who ever lived.
Joshua 4:4, Memorial stones
Sun 24 September 2017 | Simon Benham | 32:02
Simon Benham: Giving thanks - Celebrate the past: If God doesn’t seem to be doing or saying anything now, then remember what He has done and said in the past. By remembering, yesterday’s miracles can become today’s miracles too.

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