TenTalks 22/10/2017
On Ten Talks Sundays, we get the opportunity to hear from many different people in our Kerith Community sharing what God has been speaking to them about. This Sunday we have 12 speakers from all our sites across the 3 morning meetings (9:30am & 11:30am in Bracknell and 10:30am in Sandhurst) plus our...
TenTalk Allie Keating - 'Miriam - How obedient are you?'
Sun 22 October 2017 | Allie Keating | 8:40
Discovering the importance of Miriam in the Old Testament and how her faithful and obedient life helped create a leader.
TenTalk - Catherine Isaac How am I like Cain in parts of my life?
Sun 22 October 2017 | Catherine Isaac | 10:40
The story of Cain and Abel is a perfect example of why the spirit of comparison is a thief of joy and how it can take our eyes off God and disrupt the plans he has for us. 
Ten Talk Rick Jackson - The Dash
Sun 22 October 2017 | Rick Jackson | 9:35
How can we be thoughtful and intentional, ensuring our lives stand for a life of meaning, impact and influence for the cause of Christ?
Ten Talk - Becca Hall
Sun 22 October 2017 | Becca Hall | 11:58
Becca Hall's Ten Talk from the Kerith Bracknell Site
Ten Talk - Sola Bamgboye
Sun 22 October 2017 | Sola Bamgboye | 10:07
Does God speak to us today like He did in old testament times? How does He speak? How do we know it’s really Him?
TenTalk Sonia Hopkins - Expanding our hearts
Sun 22 October 2017 | Sonia Hopkins | 11:01
Sonia Hopkins - Jonah didn’t want to see people in the way God saw them. We need to soften and expand our own hearts to try and see other people in the way He does
Ten Talk - Robert Gray
Sun 22 October 2017 | Robert Gray | 10:50
Robert Gray's TenTalk from the Kerith Sandhurst Site
Ten Talk Ben Chester - Abraham and God's promises
Sun 22 October 2017 | Ben Chester | 09:50
Ben Chester - Our trust in God can be more dependent on our personal circumstances than his true trustworthiness. What does the story of Abraham’s teach us about God’s promises?
Ten Talk - Marcus Gore
Sun 22 October 2017 | Marcus Gore | 9:35
Marcus Gore's Ten Talk from the Kerith Bracknell site.
TenTalk Sam Jackson - Nothing new under the sun- Wisdom in Ecclesiastes
Sun 22 October 2017 | Sam Jackson | 13:32
How do we respond to the wisdom in Ecclesiastes and what is its relevance to the modern world?
TenTalk Wendy Jackson - Jonah the Runaway Prophet
Sun 22 October 2017 | Wendy Jackson | 9:22
Come take a journey with me as I parallel the story of Jonah with my own tale of disobedience, repentance, and blessing.

We first read about Jonah the Celebrity Prophet in 2 Kings 14, when he accurately prophecies about the return of Israel’s borders from neighbouring Assyria. However when God calls on Jonah again, this time to use his gift to aid his enemy the Ninevites he becomes the Runaway Prophet.

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