Don't Hold Back
A series based on Isaiah 54:2-3 encouraging us as followers of Jesus to enlarge, to stretch and to lengthen; to think big by going deeper into Jesus.
We All Have Bags of Gold
Sun 28 January 2018 | Simon Benhamm | 28:08
Simon Benham: God has uniquely gifted each of us to be fruitful for Him. We take a look at both the scriptures and the lives of some people in our community to see how to maximise our fruitfulness.
Your Fruitfulness is Not Defined By Your Famousness
Sun 21 January 2018 | Simon Benham | 36:22
Simon Benham: Simon continues on part 3 of the Don’t Hold Back series.
Dream Big
Sun 14 January 2018 | Simon Benham | 32:37
Simon Benham encourages us to dream big.
Replay, Rejoice, Repent, Resolve
Sun 7 January 2018 | Simon Benham | 38:54
Simon Benham takes us through a prayer of examen. We look at how we can Replay, Rejoice, Repent and Resolve in our week ahead.

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