Sermons on Baptism Sunday
Baptism Sunday
Sun 18 November 2018 | Ben Pocock | 48:00
Ben Pocock preaching at our Sandhurst Site on Baptism Sunday. 
Baptism Sunday
Sun 3 February 2019 | Simon Benham | 29:45
Simon Benham, Senior Pastor of Kerith Community Church, preaching from Acts 8, on our Baptism Sunday. 
From the Wilderness
Sun 22 September 2019 | Ben Pocock | 41:43
On Baptism Sunday we look at the baptism of Jesus, and the significance of it’s setting in the Wilderness. What if the Wilderness isn’t purely place of desolation to avoid ,but a place where God might do his great work in and through you?
Position Yourself
Sun 4 February 2018 | Ben Pocock | 45:00
Positioning yourself is aligning your life in such a way that you are attentive to God’s presence, and poised to follow Him. Using the example of John the Baptist, Ben Pocock shares the importance and the impact that this can have on our lives.
Baptism Sunday
Sun 4 February 2018 | Simon Benham | 35:00
Senior Pastor Simon Benham, preaching on our Baptism Sunday live from the Bracknell Site.
Baptism Sunday
Sun 4 February 2018 | Liam Parker | 31:00
Liam Parker, live from our Bracknell 6pm Service, preaching on our baptism Sunday.
Baptism Sunday
Sun 17 November 2019 | Dan McNab | 37:08
Dan McNab preaching on our Baptism Sunday at Kerith Bracknell.
Baptism Sunday - Liam Parker
Sun 24 June 2018 | Liam Parker | 38:00
Liam Parker preaching at our Kerith Sandhurst site. 
Baptism Sunday - Simon Benham
Sun 24 June 2018 | Simon Benham | 28:00
Simon Benham preaching from our Kerith Bracknell Site.
Baptism Sunday
Sun 30 September 2018 | Simon Benham | 31:21
We're going to take a look at a baptism today, specifically the baptism of Jesus.

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