The House that Love Built
These next 4 Sundays, we’re going to take a look at Jesus’ commandment to ‘love one another, just as I have loved you’, and how our faith is authenticated, illustrated and demonstrated by our love for others.
Anointed for Good and for Love
Sun 25 February 2018 | Sola Osinoiki | 37:27
Sola Osinoiki looks at the life of good and of love that Jesus lived. He takes us on a journey through scriptures to encourage us to follow Jesus's example and be a house that truly loves and truly does good to others. People who like Jesus are moved with compassion a deep sense of love to see this world that is broken restored.
Let's Not Wait
Sun 18 February 2018 | Ben Pocock | 58:40
Ben Pocock: In the second week of ‘The House that Love built’ series, Ben explores how Jesus would often act ‘immediately’ in order to love and transform the people around him. How might we do the same?
The House That Love Built
Sun 11 February 2018 | Fran Harrison | 38:23
Lee Layton-Matthews - Love is...
Sun 4 March 2018 | Lee Layton-Matthews | 37:06
Lee Layton-Matthews, closes our 'The House That Love Built' sermon series. 

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