Who did you BLESS this week? This year Kerith Community aims to BLESS 10,000 people in our local communities as part of our ongoing mission to help people find their way back to God. Begin with prayer; Listen well; Eat together; Serve; Story (share your story)
BLESS Part 5 - Bracknell 6:00pm Panel
Sun 20 May 2018 | Jack & Abi with Liam | 24:41
At the Bracknell 6:00pm meeting, Jack & Abi are asked by Liam to share their story.
BLESS Part 5 - Bracknell 11:30am Panel
Sun 20 May 2018 | Becca, Lorraine & Simon with Catrina | 31:16
At the Bracknell 11:30am meeting, Becca, Lorraine & Simon are asked by Catrina to share their story.
BLESS Part 5 - Sandhurst 10:30am Panel
Sun 20 May 2018 | Mike, Clare & Sonia with Fran | 17:47
At the Sandhurst 10:30am meeting, Mike, Clare & Sonia are asked by Fran to share their story.
BLESS Part 5 - Bracknell 9:30am Panel
Sun 20 May 2018 | Georgie, David & Jonathan with Catrina | 28:24
At the Bracknell 9:30am meeting, Georgie, David & Jonathan are asked by Catrina to share their story.
BLESS Part 5
Sun 20 May 2018 | Simon Benham | 10:20
Simon Benham: For the last part of our BLESS series, Simon gives a short message about sharing our story - what our life was like before we became a Christian, how we became a Christian, and what our life has been like after.

This was then followed by 2 or 3 people at each meeting sharing their stories. These are all provided as separate podcasts.
Bless Part 4
Sun 13 May 2018 | Simon Benham | 33:00
Simon Benham: Blessing people includes listening to them, in order that we might get to know them properly and discover how we can serve them. This week we take a look at how to be a good listener.
Bless Series - Eat
Sun 6 May 2018 | Simon Benham | 32:00
Senior Pastor Simon Benham looking at the thid Bless practice which is EAT with people. 
BLESS Part 2
Sun 22 April 2018 | Simon Benham | 41:48
Simon Benham: Blessing people begins with prayer. This week we encourage all of us to have a list fo 10 people we aim to pray for every day.

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Sun 15 April 2018 | Simon Benham | 32:34
Simon Benham: Jesus called us to make disciples. What does it mean to be a disciple, and how should we go about making more?

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