Ten Talks 3rd June 2018
On Ten Talks Sundays, we get the opportunity to hear from many different people in our Kerith Community sharing what God has been speaking to them about. This Sunday we have 12 speakers from all our sites across the 3 morning meetings (9:30am & 11:30am in Bracknell and 10:30am in Sandhurst) and evening...
TenTalk Lynn Davidson - 'Questions'
Sun 3 June 2018 | Lynn Davidson | 12:00
How we know that God is listening to us by the questions that Jesus asks us in the Gospels.
TenTalk Pascal Ngoga - 'Changing power of prayer'
Sun 3 June 2018 | Pascal Ngoga | 12:00
The foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed while Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God. 
TenTalk 'Ocean' Ausrinė Svečiulytė - 'The Heart behind the Story'
Sun 3 June 2018 | Ocean 'Ausrinė Svečiulytė ' | 12:00
How many times did our stories about Jesus became cold structured reports of our backgrounds and loose the heart? As Paul shares his story of being radically changed - we are encouraged to share our hearts too.
TenTalk Ruth Hincks - Remaining Faithful
Sun 3 June 2018 | Ruth Hincks | 12:00
Read Mark 5:22-34, I briefly share my physical healing story, and how remaining faithful on the path with Jesus throughout the pain is much more rewarding than striving in my own strength, and knowing that Jesus is always faithful to us in every situation we face.
TenTalk Simon Wood - A Dinner with Jesus
Sun 3 June 2018 | Simon Wood | 12:00
Here we explore Jesus calling down Zacchaeus to have dinner with him. We see a detailed change in heart expressed in outward blessing to his local community
TenTalk Shona Minson - Conversation starters with Jesus
Sun 3 June 2018 | Shona Minson | 12:00
When Jesus met the woman at the well the first thing he did was ask her to help him.  BLESS ing other people doesn’t always start with us offering something to someone, but may in fact start when we express our needs and ask someone for help.
TenTalk Mark Balsom - Jesus and the BLESS steps.
Sun 3 June 2018 | Mark Balsom | 12:00
A look at how Jesus performs each of the BLESS steps on us.
TenTalk Jo Phillips - Do not be ashamed of your story
Sun 3 June 2018 | Jo Phillips | 12:00
In the early years of Jesus’ ministry it was not advised people share their story for Jesus’ safety. Today we know Jesus is the real deal- let’s be shouting from the roof tops all what Jesus has done for us and not let the fear of vulnerability get in the way!
TenTalk Felicity Evans - Stepping out of your comfort zone Peter and Cornelius
Sun 3 June 2018 | Felicity Evans | 12:00
Peter would have felt so uncomfortable going for a meal at the house of a gentile like Cornelius, for so many reasons, but he knew God was behind the encounter and so he went anyway, and amazing things happened.  I discuss what we can learn from Peter here, and share my own story of stepping out of my comfort zone to tell someone about Jesus.
TenTalk Helen Colpus - How we can Bless through Prayer, Taling inspiration from Jesus in John 17.
Sun 3 June 2018 | Helen Colpus | 12:00
When Jesus prays for his disciples he asks God to: Keep them safe, Fill them with Joy, and Satisfy them. We can use this as a frame work when Praying for our friends & family. 
TenTalk Louise Royston-Smith - Eat
Sun 3 June 2018 | Louise Royston-Smith | 12:00
Being intentional about spending quality time with someone to truly get to know them. Showing a deeper level of love rather than a surface level love.
TenTalk Tim McKean - The Penultimate Act of Service
Sun 3 June 2018 | Tim McKean | 12:00
Looking at Jesus’ example of serving despite suffering, showing why we need God to transform us through His Holy Spirit in order to serve joyfully in all circumstances.

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