Guests vs Hosts
Simon Benham leading us through a 2-week series titled 'Guests vs Hosts'
Heather Pocock: Guests vs Hosts
Sun 22 July 2018 | Heather Pocock | 35:00
Heather Pocock preaching from our Sandhurst Site, continuing our Guests vs Hosts series.
Jesus helps Guests Become Hosts
Sun 22 July 2018 | Ben Oliver | 30:00
Ben Oliver: Jesus helps “Guests” Become “Hosts”. We’re all guests or hosts at different stages and settings in life. Jesus moves us from guests to hosts – and he overcomes our own barriers to do it! What barriers are those, how does he do it, and once we’re already hosts – what’s next?
Expect God To Show Up
Sun 15 July 2018 | Ben Pocock | 37:43
Continuing the Guests vs Hosts series, Ben Pocock starts by asking "How do I know that God is real?" and suggests asking God to reveal Himself. He looks at the story of the boy Samuel in 1 Samuel 3 and gives 6 points regarding why we can expect God to show up:
- God will show up whether you expect Him to or not
- Get the best seat in the house
- Be still and wait on Him
- God calls you by name
- More interaction leads to further conversation
- Include others
Guest Vs Host
Sun 8 July 2018 | Simon Benham | 37:54
Simon Benham: Simon speaks about the differences between being a guest and a host. He shares some interesting things that are involved in being a host and encourages the church to embrace a host mentality
Simon Benham - Guests Vs Hosts
Sun 1 July 2018 | Simon Benham | 31:30
Simon Benham kicking off a 2-part series titled Guests vs Hosts.
Hosting His Presence
Sun 29 July 2018 | Sola Osinoiki | 33:00
As we conclude on the series Guest vs Host Sola encourages us from scripture how we as the body of Christ should host God's presence, in church, at home, in school. God calls us to carry His presence where ever we go even at a Well. Let's take the challenge!

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