Ten Talks 3rd March 2019
Why read the bible
Sun 3 March 2019 | Caradog Davies | 12:00
Looking at the benefits and impact on our lives from spending time reading the bible.
How God calls us to respond to stress
Sun 3 March 2019 | Nathan Ledbrook | 12:00
In this preach we are talking about how to deal with stress and anxiety. What happens if we don’t; and how we can use the strength given by God to help find peace. 
For He is good, His love endures forever
Sun 3 March 2019 | Jessica Newson | 12:00
Psalm 136 is a song reminding us again and again that God’s steadfast love endures forever. Why does the psalmist repeat this phrase, and what does it tell us about the God we serve?
Being Secure in the Love of Christ
Sun 3 March 2019 | Kevin Foulger | 12:00
How we can know that as followers of Jesus Christ, we are already secure in His love.
A psalm of praise
Sun 3 March 2019 | Demi Kunrunmi | 12:00
Let’s not forget to be thankful
Letting Go
Sun 3 March 2019 | Matt Dack | 12:00
A talk on Psalm 3 looking at how David let go to God whilst being chased out of Jerusalem by his son Absalom.
Trust in God
Sun 3 March 2019 | Darlington Nwodo | 12:00
Putting our trust in God in times of difficulty. Not relying on man, or our own abilities. Understanding that trusting God does not mean we get everything we ask for but that God has our best interest at heart.
Choosing Joy
Sun 3 March 2019 | Amy Manwaring | 12:00
How do we find JOY amidst the stress and struggles of everyday life? I will look at what the bible tells us about Joy and how we need to pursue a joy filled life centred on our understanding of what God has done for us and what that means for our future. 

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